Corner Office

This was my office today.

You will notice, in addition to the piles of fleece and broom, the laptop for watching episodes of Stargate, headphones for hearing said episodes Stargate, mug of coffee and cell phone. All my basic working needs met on our little fire escape porch, with a pleasant breeze to boot. It won’t be the same as my favorite screened-in porch back in Howard County, but once you add the coffee and teevee, it makes a tolerable substitute.

Tomorrow I am going to be a demonstrator at Erntefest (say it like you’re German, with some OOmph), the annual harvest festival at Old Economy Village, which is literally one block over from our house. Sarah’s fleece is going to accompany me, stuffed into a dyepot full of pokeberries. It occurred to me sometime last week that if this was going to happen in real life and not jut in my imagination, I’d better get my nose to the grindstone. So I spent much of today tenderly picking burrs out of this perfectly enormous fleece.

This is Sarah, the white sheep of the flock at Breezy Willow Farm. I know she looks very trim, but let me assure you, Sarah is a big flippin’ sheep. I have what seems like ten pounds of wool soaking in my washer to prove it.

I felt like I was getting the story of her life as I carefully went through her wool. How *good* it felt to rub all over that burr plant; then roll around for a while. That brief time when she had to stop being friends with the chickens because they were having some problems with diarrhea. And those miserable days in April when it was just starting to get hot and she desperately needed some air on her skin.

One guesses that the things going on in a sheep’s head are rather simple like that.

Anyway, like I said, she’s a big girl, and grew herself a huge fleece, that thanks to my hours upon hours of labor, i got a really high yield of good wool from that can be dyed to the heart’s content.

But the large pile of stuff to chuck always impresses me. And it begs the question – how much space, in my tiny, precious little basement storage room, is taken up with burrs and sheep poop?

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