August is not yet over, or even that close to being over, but the August socks are done and done. Blocked and dried and fit and happy.

Yarn review: Wildfoote by Brown Sheep (Red) is one of those oldie-but-goodie yarns, that has been around as long as any of my sock books can remember, before sock knitting became an insane craze. It’s plain, but soft, and nice to work with. I could knit a lot of socks out of this stuff, and it’s also very affordable. Pace by Universal Yarns (white) is still not loved by me, but I knit a lot looser in fair isle so it wasn’t painful or miserable as it was back in June. August hasn’t been any easier than June, so fair isle must really loosen me up.

Pattern review: This heel is weird. It’s a short row heel, but it’s really more like the second half of a typical short-row heel. This means the socks don’t lie as “bent” at the heel as socks normally would, and it’ll be interesting to see how that affects their wear. It also means that the “heel” part really only covers the back of the heel, and the socks look unreasonably long off the foot. But it works! And it was fun to do. The fair isle patterns were really quite entertaining; they spoiled me with their frequent changes and novel charts so that when I had to slog through the diamonds on the foot I got downright whiney.

These socks were really fun to personalize. If you try them, use a symbol that is meaningful to you (and that you don’t mind stepping on).

I really like how the little BCPs (books of common prayer) turned out around the ball of the foot. That is, I was really pleased until I was told I will be coerced to knit them for all of Jared’s classmates. That made me feel a little faint. Really you don’t want merino wool handknit socks; they’re kinda scratchy….

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