Mom’s Colors

With delight, I add my little samples to the mix.  Rebecca and I have completely different tastes in colors.  I love red and all winter colors.  She is more classy with subtle spring colors.  When I knit for others, I have to stay sensible, but when I knit for myself, it’s hard to not always want to go bold and colorful.  For this project, at least the main body of the sweater is 2 colors of blue and one light gray in the background.  The dark gray you see here was what I thought I wanted, but after seeing it in the swatch, I made the change to the medium blue you see at the top.

The tree is made from all the warm colors I love.  If you look closely you will see that I made the stitches tighter and tighter and tighter with each pattern repeat.  I haven’t done fair isle stitching in years, so my first inclination was to go loose.  But I think I like the middle and top stitches best (which is all you can see in this picture.)  What do you think?  Middle or top…..medium tight or very tight?

swatch for body of sweater

Now I also made a border sample because it looked like it was going to be harder than the body of the sweater, and I needed more practice anyway.  Beisdes, I wanted another excuse to work on it.  We’re not supposed to actually start on the “real” sweater until Rebecca moves to Pittsburgh!  I’m like, how many days before she leaves….I want to start knitting this thing!!  And then I start to cry because I don’t want her to go.  Poop.

Anyway, here’s the border.

border swatchIsn’t this fun!!??

The gray and red at the top are my attempt to practice some more with the two colors that didn’t work very well together….the gray is too thin and the red is too fat.  I still don’t like it.  I’ll prob. eliminate the light gray all together and just add more of the happy blues.

The yarn is mostly Heritage Sock Yarn made by Cascade.  The orange and middle red variegated colors are Madelinetosh.   The thin grey and thick darker red are Trekking Pro Natura and Wildfoote.  It’s all really lovely to work with, very soft.

I knit them in a tube because it was the best representation of the actual sweater which we are going to knit in a tube and steek (help!!)  Then I did hand wash and block it.  I don’t think it changed much after the blocking, but it was fun to do.  I have tons of this yarn, so I had enough to experiment with without having to take it apart afterwards.

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