Celebrating Babies

You know how much I love guessing games. This time, I’ve come up with a really good one, and I’ve got a pRiZe for the winner, even.

Picture #1

Some of you know that my sister-in-law Emily is expecting tWiNs in February, and before I knew what happened, these booties just sort of fell off my needles. Are they not THE CUTEST! They are made of Wullenstudio 100% Merino (theoretically washable, though pom-poms are not friends with washing machines), so perfectly soft for wee baby feet. I followed the Yarn Harlot’s example and made them after basic sock recipes I knew, but switching to garter stitch and using half as many stitches in the circumference.

Picture #2

There is a trick though: for one pair of booties, I used a classic toe-up sock technique, while for the others, I used a classic top-down sock technique.

Picture #3

So Here’s The Contest: In each of the pictures above, I’ve scrambled the booties in their pairs. In each picture, there are enough clues to determine (or at least make a good guess) as to which booties are top down and which are toe up. Submit your answers as a comment (honor system: try not to peek at each other’s answers), specifying which picture you’re talking about. Guess in one comment for all three pictures, so your submission should have 12 bootie assignments in it. (If you don’t specify otherwise, i will assume you are going 1-3, left to right.) Whoever’s guesses are most correct wins; if there’s a tie of any kind I’ll make Jared do eeny meeny miny mo or something.

And Here’s the Prize:

This is my very lastest skein of hand-dyed sock yarn. (I got kinda cleaned out the other day.) 100% wool (not machine washable, sorry), dyed with black walnuts and pokeberries. It was one of my first efforts, and I’m uber-pleased with how deep the red still is after nearly a year (take that, pokeberry skeptics)! If you knit it into socks, it should do 1- or 2- row stripes of each color. The winner receives it with my complements. (Unless they don’t want it; then they can cast it by the road or something, just don’t tell me or I’ll cry)

Tell your socky friends! I want lots of guesses! Guessing will arbitrarily end in about a week. Have at it, chaps.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Babies

  1. The problem with this is I have no idea what either of those sock styles should look like. I can tell #1 and #3, and #2 and #4, respectively, in the first picture go together, and #1 and #4, and #2 and #3, respectively, go together… but I don’t know how the first two pairs match up with the second two pairs and I have no idea what kinds of clues you left in the third picture, much less (assuming I managed to resolve picture 3 into pairs) how those third pairs would correspond with pairs one and two.

    And if you’re out of hand-dyed yarn… sounds like it’s time for a walnut transfer.


  2. 1. Booties 1 and 3 go together (down), and 2 and 4 (up?).
    2. 1 and 4 (down) , 2 and 3 (up)
    3. 1 and (down) 4, 2 and 3 (up)

    and I don’t know anything about top up, top down…I’m only slightly confident about #2 🙂

    And I’ll gift the yarn if I miraculously win 😉


  3. OK, I’m not reading the other guesses….here’s my guess:
    picture #1: toe up, top down, toe up
    picture #2: toe up, top down, top down
    picture #3: toe up, toe up, top down


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