The Return of Tempcat

Hanners is back!

Taking up my lap space in all her cuddly glory. Now that she’s repositioned herself in such a way that I can lean over her and type without disturbing her on her throne, maybe I can get on with what I was doing.

As you can see, my world cup knitting has not become a molten slag heap. This is not because of any luck in the dyelots (the main bit of luck I’ve had so far is that Hannah doesn’t want to lie on top of it). I have 3 balls in 1 dyelot, and 3 in another. My “solution” (which is really more of a compromise with reality) was to do the yoke, body, and hood of the sweater in the first dyelot, and do the ribbing and sleeves in the second. on the body ribbing, the color change looks fine; on the sleeve….

Well. At least they’ll be symmetrical. Besides, as someone pointed out – I will be wearing this in the Pittsburgh area, where bright sunlight is rarely a problem!

I realized this morning that I have two days to finish this sweater. I still have 1.5 sleeves and a button band to accomplish. This might happen…

Or maybe not.

Mm. Cat Friends.

What was I doing again?

7 thoughts on “The Return of Tempcat

  1. What a sweetheart! I can understand why the knitting has been slow! In the winter the dogs are all curled up in my lap. And yes Koko likes to chew on the real fibers. As soon as I work with anything with acrylic she leaves it alone! Expensive tastes!


  2. Crap. Hmm…. maybe more cloudcover when it gets cold again? 🙂 I am kidding. I will wear it proudly no matter the brightness outside, if it’s cold enough to be useful. But if it’s anything like Philly, or sunny Ohio, I’m sure I will have no shortage of overcast days…


  3. Awww!! Hanna looks so content all cuddled up with you!! I’m sure she’s enjoying her vacation from the busy baby who likes to “pet” her and play with her jingles!!! 🙂 Pittsburg is cold in the winter. You will need your sweater.


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