It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since that last whiny post about my sweater. We’re only just recovering from a lovely, but long, long weekend in Ambridge, our future home. The long and the short of it is that we had a lot of success – too much, in fact! We found two places we like, and are now agonizing over which one to pick. But you don’t care about that, so on with the knitting updates. (Actually, with the proportionate number of non-knitters who read this blog, you probably do care about the house picking. But I don’t care to write about it. So on with the knitting updates.)

You know about “stashing”, right?

The basic concept of stash, which applies to knitting, crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, and (in our house) home theatre system construction, is essentially to collect more supplies than you need at the moment so you have more to do later.

Knitters have elevated “stashing” to not only a verb, but an art form. It’s really not that hard, considering that buying yarn is, amazingly, even more fun than using yarn. We come up with our own systems for organizing our stashes – some by weight, some by type of intended project, some by date of purchase. Some of us carefully store each new acquisition in a ziploc bag and store it away in a sealed container lined with cedar blocks; some of us couldn’t bear to have our stuff so closeted, and end up (intentionally or otherwise) using it to decorate our house.

We have long-term stash and short-term stash. We have stuff that has an intended purpose, and stuff that was nabbed just because it was pretty and/or on sale. We have whole bags of sweater yarn, or single skeins that somehow leapt into our shopping baskets. Most of the time, when we buy something, it is so cool that we’re convinced it will be the next thing on our needles. But whether we cast it on next week, or in ten years after it’s been long-buried and joyfully rediscovered, even the newest yarn usually has to do at least the tiniest bit of time in the stash.

But every now and again, there is a special skein.

Yarn that, as soon as it comes into our hands, lasts about five seconds before it becomes this

And about an hour before it becomes this.

No, I don’t have a problem. I have Silk. Tilli Tomas “Pure and Simple,”100% silk in a worsted weight single ply. Color “Dusty Purple” (most accurate in the first picture). The phrases “worsted weight,” “single ply,” and “100% silk” probably don’t mean much to you individually, but I am here to tell you that when they are put together, they are code for awesome.

This yarn came into my life last Monday morning, June 28th, on our anniversary. Jared did good on this one. Remember that picture of Jared & Fjord at Loop yarn shop in Philly? And how Jared’s evasive non-answers meant he had probably gotten either something expensive, something for me, or both? The answer was both, and the answer is above. He did good on this one, folks. I had beheld this yarn once before, and believe me, this is bucket yarn. Now that I have knit with it, I know my life would be lesser if I had not. If for no other reason than it is So Shiny.

My stash is a special place where lots of fantastic yarns live, awaiting their turn on the needles. But every now and then, a skein transcends the stash – is too holy for the stash. When confronted with such a yarn, all you can do is obey – and cast on.

2 thoughts on “Transcendence

  1. You are too funny! But the yarn sure is beautiful!! The Tilli Tomas silk with beads I have is also gorgeous, but it’s harder to appreciate the pure silk because of the beads. I have some off-white merino silk that I got for a good price in bulk at the S and W Festival, and it’s lucious to play with too. I made a ball out of some of it and knit a swatch, just to spend time feeling the stuff, so I can appreciate how you wanted to use it right away. What a pretty stitch pattern you made!


  2. Thanks! Now that I worked with this I’ll be able to appreciate yours more, so I want to see it again. I feel like I’ve gotten at the essence of silk now, so i can build on it… Good luck this week!


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