Knitting Nancy’s Nifty Kneesocks

After long deliberation, I have chosen for myself a quest. It is a quest of long duration, requiring many stitches and much patience.

Meet Nancy Bush. She’s the perfect blend of two studies I love the most – knitting and anthropology. Her pattern books are full of well-written, historically accurate, but still wearable projects. None of this “Classic styles, Updated to be Modern!” which usually means taking a perfectly good shape and making it outlandish for the sake of a novel “sillhouette.” Nope. With Nancy, you are knitting The Real Stuff. I’ve knitted a couple of things out of Knitted Lace of Estonia, and they are brilliant; I’m quite proud of them.

I own two of her sock books, which I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about – but I’ve not knitted anything out of them. This is a real tragedy, as there is not a single pattern in there that I don’t want to try. Which gave me a brilliant idea.

You’ve probably heard of Sock Clubs. Usually started by yarn companies, you sign up and get a brand new pattern and yarn pairing for the duration of the club, getting new socks at a decent rate. The Yarn Harlot expanded on this idea by creating a “self-imposed sock club”, where she paired twelve yarns with twelve patterns, put them in baggies, and each month pulls one at random out of a bag and knits it before the month is out.

My brilliant version of this idea is to have my own Nancy Bush Sock Club. I want to knit all of these socks, and have been subconsciously collecting the yarn for them ever since I got Folk Socks. So, I’ll start with the first pattern in her first book, and see where it goes from there.

A club, even if it only has one member, has to have a few rules, to keep the membership in line. So here are mine.

1. Go in order. First pair from first book and on from there.

1. a. Skip the basic sock patterns at the front of each book, Rebecca. I know you thought about doing them too but you are not that anal. Really.

2. One pair of socks a month is the goal. But if the socks go past the knee, one sock a month is acceptable, as those things are, let’s face it – ridiculously long. (they are not all kneesocks. I am not a masochist.)

3. My goal is not at all to perfectly replicate what is in her books – I am not a sycophant, and this is me making something with my own two hands – it ought to be unique! Heck, I have a bad habit of changing things in perfectly good patterns just to make them my own. This is good, but I accept that Nancy has a lot to teach me, so I will pay attention and try to learn things I don’t understand. But my socks will be my very own take on Nancy’s work.

4. I am allowed to stop whenever I get sick of this loony endeavor.

5. It is my club. I can change the rules whenever I feel like it.

With that settled, I have my yarn – Pace, by Universal Yarns, 4 balls in a cream color – and my needles – size US 0 (gulp) at the ready for the first pair of socks (or single sock – these suckers are long) for the month of June: “Stockings with Clocks” from Folk Socks.

6 thoughts on “Knitting Nancy’s Nifty Kneesocks

  1. oooh maybe I will join you! But, I just put my first pair on the needles! So I will think about this and see how I do. That does sound like a good idea. But, I think I will use a more basic book first and then get the Nancy Bush books. I have been lusting for those books for a while! Tell me/……How do the scarves and shawls in the estonia lace book look?


  2. the estonian lace is aMAzing. some of the patterns look hard-ish but the repeats are not massive long – compared to evenstar they should be a breeze! some people hate nupps though (the little lace bobble things). i love them.


  3. Umm will have to check it out. I do like nupps as I have made them before on another shawl. Piece of cake. then again I tend to knit loose which is why gauge swatches are something I have to do.


  4. I do not know yet. I was picking strawberries and my body gave out. So I went to the farm stand and ordered the rest that I needed for jam and berries for the freezer. Came home and mom and I processed them to get them in the freezer so we can make jam in a few weeks. 3 pecks or 24 quarts of strawberries were prepped and put in baggies and in the freezer. No and I mean no knitting was done today. The dog went to the vet early in the morning. Was not good news but that is another time. And then this evening I was on the phone with at and t wireless for 3 freaking hours to try to fix a problem with my cell phone. They hung up! Tomorrow have to call and raise hell. This is the second replacement phone. Have a huge headache and tears are rolling out of my eyes due to the pain. Doesn’t help that auntie flo is making a visit! So perfect time for me to fuss out the phone company I guess! I am short tempered and in pain. The evenstar shawl is not being worked on this week due to this alone! I did get the floss and it works alot better than one single little crochet hook!


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