Last Stand

We spent this weekend saying goodbye to Fjord, a cool dude who has become an awesome friend over the past two years. He is going to work at the magical candy mountain, which unfortunately requires him to relocate to exactly the wrong coast. There’s nothing like imminent separation, however, to inspire a group of friends to do all of the things about which they’ve been saying “yeah, we should do that sometime!”

Fjord (above) and Jared (below) took a day trip to Philly on Saturday to visit the Wannamaker organ, the largest working organ in the world. For reasons I don’t entirely understand, it is located in a Macy’s downtown. Jared is, I think, playing Beethoven, while Fjord is probably playing “Oh Em Gee I’m sitting at the Wannamaker Console!” (Fjord kind of likes organs.)

Photo evidence that, without me, they voluntarily went to visit a yarn shop while they were in Philly. Not much to report though… Fjord didn’t buy anything, and Jared was evasive on the subject. This means he (a) bought something for me, (b) bought something rather too expensive, or (c) both.

Culinary adventures were included: you can’t live in MD for an extended period of time without trying crab, so that was Friday night in Annapolis. Pictured above was tonight – for some reason we really needed to make sushi together. Maybe because it’s delicious.

Also included was a marathon, extended between Sunday and Monday evenings, of the movies on the very top of the “What do you MEAN you haven’t seen this?!” List. Fjord’s was Kill Bill 2 (which was amazing), Zurg’s was Hero (which I have nearly memorized), and mine of course was Once. It’s always a little hard sharing your favorite movies with friends… if they hate them, it’s like they don’t understand you, but you get over it. But I think it went off okay.

a little throwback - our trip to NYC a few weeks ago.
a little throwback - our trip to NYC a few weeks ago.

Once is the story of two people who meet briefly, share their music, and depart in a very short period of time, but having totally changed each other’s lives. Yeah, it would be amazing to have an experience like that someday.

Maybe, in our own little way, we all just did.

We’ll miss you, dude, and wish you the best. Here’s hoping it all happens again.

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