Summer Knitting

I was pretty bored at work today… all of like five customers came through the door while I was there (and they always come at least two at a time… can’t figure that out). So I posted on facebook that I could come up with fifty things you could knit during the summer that would make sense and that you would not felt with sweat. Let’s see if I can actually do it.

1. Socks! Duh. There are a muzillion sock patterns and yarns out there, they are portable, small, thin, and entertaining.

You can also knit small things in general. No matter what you make them out of, they probably won’t make a big sweaty pile on your lap. If you still can’t stand it, just try using a finer yarn or a smaller object (12″ wide scarf in bulky wool may not be right for you; make it a 6″ DK-weight scarf in a superwash wool):

2. Scarves

3. Cowls

4. Hats

5. Gloves

6. Mittens

7. Fingerless gloves

8. Wristlets

9. Slippers

10. Shorts! You know you want them.

11. A belt

You could also knit baby/little kid stuff. Someone you like sufficiently is bound to reproduce sometime soon, if they haven’t already.

12. Baby sweaters

13. Shorties/Longies

14. Booties

15. Baby socks

16. Baby bonnets (OMGSOCUTE)

17. Baby blankets

18. Stuffed animals/toys (talk about cheap entertainment)

You could also make useful small things. This is a good time to search for randomly random stuff on ravelry and go crazy.

19. Washcloths, Napkins, Potholders, other Useful Squares

20. A small purse

21. Wallet

22. Beer cozy

23. Pillow

24. Wall hanging (i’ve done it!)

You can also try knitting bigger things, but knit them in different ways –

25. Sweater/afghan in Cotton. Use cotton, or a cotton/acrylic blend, for something relatively lightweight and non-sweat inducing. Your LYS knows about this – chances are they’re stocked up on cotton enough that even if you don’t like cotton, you’ll probably find one you like.

26. Sweater/afghan in pieces. Knit a blanket that’s made of blocks you can sew together. Knit a pieced sweater (not a top down or one-piece to the armholes) – one with seams. Then all you need is a couple hours in AC to finish it up – or to procrastinate the finishing until November.

27. Sweater/afghan in Lightweight yarn. Any project becomes less of a sweatfest if you knit it in fingering weight. It takes longer, but not as much longer as you might think. (though if you really try to knit an afghan out of fingering weight yarn,  your knitting friends might try to take you to the funny farm.)

Let’s see, what else? Oh Lace! Of course lace.

28. Triangle shawls.

29. Square shawls.

30. Circular shawls.

31. Half-circle shawls.

32. Rectangle shawls.

33. Lacy scarves.

Let’s not forget the all-important:

34. Summer Tops! Camis, tank tops, T’s, they are all great. And a normal enough part of your wardrobe that you’ll really shock some non-knitters. You will hear  “I never would have thought of knitting that!” until you are sick of it. Ask me how I know.

Okay, I’ve got 16 left, so I might have to get random here….

35. This is kind of cheating, but more like a different approach: Is there a technique you’ve really been wanting to learn, but haven’t? Reduce the intimidation factor by trying it on a small project, still perfect for summer. Fair isle? Hat! Intarsia? Baby sweater! Double knitting? Wash cloth! Felting? Slippers! Steeks? Funky long scarf with built-in tassels!

Now let’s see what I’ve missed…

36. Lingerie (generally both lacy and small)

37. Headbands

38. Knitted embellishments (flowers, etc.) for practice, decoration, or attaching to bigger things later.

39. Yarn Hammock – I know it sounds weird, but my husband bought yarn for it, therefore it must be for real

40. Bible cover

41. Scrunchie

Really reaching now… i’m going to make it…

42. Cozy for an unusual thing (Picture frame, vase, travel mug, camera, wii remote, big toe, etc. … just keep it small, or you’ll be missing the point)

43. A friendly letter in braille

44. Willie warmer

45. Rope (I-cord… it’ll be useful for something)

46. Bikini (for sunbathing use only)

47. Chicken sweaters (or dog sweaters or cat sweaters if your taste goes less toward the bizarre)

48. Garter

49. Jewelry: bangles covered in knitting are very hip, and you can knit necklaces & knit or felt dangly bits for earrings

50. A very portable checkerboard

There. All things I thought of off the top of my head (though it did take a bit of head-scratching to get some of them out of there, and I did get on ravelry to confirm some of them exist). So what didn’t I think of? Any more ideas?

Dang now I really want to go cast on some bangle covers. Those things are CUTE!

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