Saturday was a long drive down to VA beach and back, which meant that after about 6 hours in the car, the recently-recovered alpaca sleeve had a mate. After a careful re-stringing of pieces (all thankfully in the right order), I’m on the yoke:

…and am already three-quarters done with it. I thought this sweater would take forever – I usually knit sweaters in worsted-weight yarn on 7s or 8s, and this is in DK on 5s. Not only that, but it’s a fantastically uninteresting pattern that I thought would drag on to the end of time.

But the thing is flying by. (Though now that I’ve said that, the last 1/4 of the yoke and the collar will probably take three months.) There are several reasons for this speed – not the least of them being that, although the knitting is boring, it is more or less my only brainless knitting right now, and the only thing good for taking on the road.

But mostly, I think my only other project – doing incredibly fiddly beaded lace with cobweb yarn on size 3s – makes anything else seem fast.

I’ve started calculating everything in terms of pattern repeats on Evenstar’s border. I’ve got myself down to about 35 minutes per repeat (if I’m uninterrupted; all bets are off if someone starts trying to have a deep conversation or wants me to look at them or do math problems) That means that Jared’s second alpaca sleeve = about 10 1/4 repeats. That means, with at this moment 50 repeats remaining, I have about 29 hours of work left on the border – at least as much work as a child’s sweater or a nice scarf.

But this is getting depressing. So let’s talk about something more fun, and also cute!

Stitch markers! This is a shameless plug for Generous Jonica’s friend Handy Helen, who made these Stupendous Stitch Markers of Mayhem. Apparently all you have to do to get a plug on my blog (for all the good it will do you) is to give me stuff. Good system, as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, Jonica had her friend make these for me and I heart them terribly. They are 12 to a set, which is a lot! and one of them has an extra bead attached to be the round-starter. I picked the ones that most contrasted with grey-blue to use on the yoke.

Cute stitch markers will make you feel fancy, reduce mistakes, cure cramps (because you’re always stopping to go “ee! cute!”), and make your knitting go faster. Do not doubt their power! (If you want some, Helen does not seem to have a website, but if you email the address on the card in the pic above, you can probably reach her. I won’t type it out here, because friends protect friends from spam.)

Don’t forget to let little cute things brighten up your day. Thanks again, Jonica.

Now if only it weren’t WAY TOO HOT to have a pound of alpaca on my lap.

3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. no site as of yet. She is going to just see how it does with my knitting friends and think about it. But do email her as she will love it! She is working on several orders for my friends already. Rebbie that was a double set I got you. So glad you like them. Trust me for evenstar I had stitch markers up the yazoo for that shawl. Still managed to do an extra two repeats. And yes the crochet hook is very fiddly! Can not wait for the dental floss to get here so I can do that and sorta pre string the suckers! Well since it is a pretty cool day I am going to roast 8 heads of garlic and some potatos!


  2. Hey, you’ve still got your ‘back after MD S&W’ comment in the sidebar. (Dropped in from Ravelry to check out the blog – it looks good)


  3. Thanks for the heads up. The store should be back up soon, but I changed the text anyway. Thx for the visit!



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