Almost a week ago, Evenstar was picked back up for the final clue. Jonica and I went in together on a bead purchase, and I was thrilled with the color when she brought them on Tuesday. I had the provisional cast-on for the edging all ready to go, and I had the first repeat done with a minimum of fuss.

Fuss, that is, in terms of error. I decided I was only going to do the beads on this edging if I could do it with a crochet hook, because I had had ENOUGH of the pre-stringing method of knitting with beads. While the crochet hook method does get rid of those long breaks where you have to string and string and string beads, and of course the necessity of pushing beads down and down and down your working yarn… you trade in those occasional periods of intense fiddling for a continuous state of fiddleage.

But I had it down. All that fiddling was paying off in adorable little beaded scallops that piled up one upon another at a slow but steady rate of about 1 repeat for every 40 minutes of concentrated effort. I have to admit, I was a little distressed when I read that there were 56 repeats of this little lace edging, but like anything else, one stitch at a time, it will get done. I annoyed the heck out of my coworkers by announcing every time I finished a repeat. “4 down, 52 to go!” “5 down, 51 to go!”

When I was about to start the 7th repeat, I stopped to admire my work, and something didn’t look quite right. I turned it this way and that to see if it worked out, but the truth slowly dawned on me. If you have very good eyes and an excellent monitor, you may be able to spot the problem in the picture above. Can’t tell? I’ll help:

Yeah. 6 repeats of knitted on lace edging… in the wrong direction. I’m afraid I can’t wiggle and clever myself out of this one.

56 repeats to go!

3 thoughts on “OOPS

  1. OUCH!!!! Oh Rebbie! Frog it, get a glass of something and a dark room and just relax then get back to it! Will see you on wednesday for a shared oops party. Somehow I ended up with 3 to 4 more than I was supposed to so I will have to do more repeats! and at 56 beads per repeat it is going to take some time. I figure…..2 repeats a day then move onto my socks or the sweater jacket I am working on and I should be fine before I throw the beads and shawl in the soon to be forgoten pile!


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