Fleecy Farmy Friends

It’s well into the afternoon, and I think I’m finally over my hangover headache. We may or may not have attended an excellent cinco de mayo party last night at which Jared proved that the ice crusher he got at a yard sale is totally worth the real estate it takes up on my shelf. And it is a good thing I’m feeling better, because before our evening of margaritas and sloppy joes, I spent my afternoon the same place I usually spend my Wednesday afternoons:

Breezy Willow Farm in West Friendship, MD. Breezy Willow is the home of my CSA (community supported agriculture), where for the past few months I’ve been working for my share on Wednesday afternoons. It is also the place where I am discovering that people with generous spirits and lots of sheep are excellent folks to find yourself accidentally spending a lot of time with.

There must have been a lot of kids coming over to feed the sheep yesterday, because when I went to give them a wee photo shoot before I left, they were all very interested and unusually photogenic.

This is one of the fresians; I don’t know her name.

This (I think) is Sage, the former bearer of the fleece that is currently all over my living room floor. Yes, the one who likes to rub up against burr trees just for fun.

I pulled all the burrs out of that big pile of fleece in just under an hour, so I think Sage’s horticultural hobby will only add another few hours to the processing of her fleece. Also, I think that maybe finding sheep poop smeared on your fingers and not freaking out is probably good training for being a parent some day.

I may or may not have come home with another fleece yesterday….

This one is not for keeping; it is for washing and making colors and then it goes away again. The above fleece is a Dorset; I do not know about Dorsets but when I find out things about Dorsets I will tell you about Dorsets. (Until I know more about Dorsets I am not comfortable assigning Dorsets a pronoun.)

You know, coming down off the crazy high of activity that was April – Easter, moving, two trips, and Sheep & Wool – has been a little rocky. I’ve had whole afternoons without pressing deadlines, and I haven’t quite known what to do with myself.

But I hang out on a farm, and it’s nearly summer. I don’t think I’ll have trouble staying busy.

2 thoughts on “Fleecy Farmy Friends

  1. Hey! I have the same star wars blanket too! Well an entire sheet set also. Ok just called me geeky and get it over with!

    But that fleece looks good. Have fun with it!


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