And the Winners Are…

Okay! Prizes are ready to be put in the mail today, so I took some pictures and away we go. First:

Megan suggested Bombay Blaze for this guy, which is so catchy I had to use it. But I wanted to update it to the city’s current name, so I altered it slightly to Mumbai Blaze. I know that destroys my requested alliteration, but I think it still works. I hope you don’t mind my creative license, but in case you’re mortally offended, Megan, this might soften the blow:

These are the last two skeins of Second Chance Sock, enough for a pair of socks or a scarf or a little fun something. I happen to know that Megan knows what to do with sticks and string, so I hope you like them!

The winning name for this color is Spring Seedling, which not only fits for this yarn, but served as inspiration to name the spring green color from a few days ago. CC came up with that one, and she is more into the seed thing than the string thing, so she gets a completed knitted object:

Yes, another pair of the infamous French Press Slippers, this pair cast on to do along with my class a couple of weeks ago, finished and felted down to what I hope very much is Mrs. Z’s size.

Look for these in the mail soon. Thanks for all the help, guys! I like this bit where you do the creative work for me. I may have to do this again with the next go round. Now that I’ve got a broader pallate I’m already thinking of new colors for the fall, when the black walnuts fall and the pokeberries sag on their bright fuscia stems.

All my yarn is skeined and labeled, at work, waiting for the final tagging, then I get to totally forget about it until May 1st. Come early and buy it all! I hope you like it!

7 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…

  1. Yay! They are in the mail as of yesterday morning. Um no I have not tried red cabbage… is it a big stainer? For something to really work for me it has to be something I can get in bulk for the cheapness!


  2. I love the yarn names and the colors and everything! I shall come early to the Festival just to make sure I see it all before it’s gone!
    Red Cabbage is the stuff we used in home school science class to make the ph litmus paper…..remember that? It would be wonderful to try a head of it for yarn!


  3. Cabbage is supercheap. And I had some cooked in vinegar and then the vinegary pan was sitting waiting to be washed and the cabbage-vinegar had turned both a fuchsia color and in some places blue-purple. Which clearly made me think of you.


  4. Mmmmm yummy. I wonder how that would act as a dye. What were you making? I could always make it then use the leftover vinegar water to experiment 🙂 Mom, I remember litmus paper. I always think of it when I see red cabbage in salad mixes…


  5. You know, Brandon had cooked it– I think it was just chopped cabbage stir fried with some vinegar added and maybe brown sugar for a sweet and sour type of thing.

    My toes were cozy in the slippers as I ironed and watched star trek (Kirk is possessed by a disembodied spirit alien which causes him to kiss hot astrobiologists!)


  6. LOL. We will have fios at our new place and were discussing what we would watch if we had TV – Aside from what we watch already on Hulu, except watching it at a specified time and with more commercials – I would basically watch SciFi and Spike, which sometimes has scifi reruns.

    Glad you got the slippers! If they don’t fit right let me know; there are a couple of things you could probably do to stretch/shrink ’em.


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