The evenstar mystery shawl has me on my knees in submission.

What you see before you is clue 4. 24 rounds of a 4-round repeat. I could knock out a round – a 560 stitch round, as I will keep mentioning – in about 35 minutes by the end of the clue. Do the math – that’s about 14 hours of knitting, minimum, in the three weeks before clue 5 was released.

All of the other projects in my life have slowly, quietly submitted to the Opus that is Undómiel. The Jaywalkers socks practically completed themselves. I finished and felted a pair of slippers in a couple of afternoons. I snuck in a few swatches for my recycled yarn. But now, there is No More. Just me and clue 5.

Things are speeding up rapidly now that each row is slightly different. The vertical stripes of twisted-stitch ribbing you see between the lattices are going to split and arch together over the lattices in a manner purportedly reminiscent of the archways lining the stairways and flets of Rivendell. As the arches start to form, I am transfixed, imagining how they will swoosh together and double-checking all of my decreases. (There are seven different types of decreases in this chart. Seriously.)

So, humbly, I will sit and knit on this piece, and touch no other.

Unless, of course, I can get through clue 5 before the next clue is released…

2 thoughts on “Monogamy

  1. What a fantastic journey you have had with this lace project! I am awed. Eventually I am actually going to learn to knit lace…..esp. since I promised Kelly a lace wrap made with Tilli Thomas Symphany lace.


  2. Hey Rebbie,

    I am on the third repeat of clue 4 myself. Takes me 1 to 2 days to do a repeat. You were right 560 stitches is for freaking ever! But so pretty. Will get my sister to help me take pictures of it tomorrow and blog it.


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