New Socks on the Block

So I  can’t wait to tell you about the awesome last few days I had – Easter and Birthday all at once? You cannot beat this! – but first comes something special I’ve been saving for you for Easter: All my yarn has been reskeined and gotten its glamour shots done, so you get to meet it!

Today I’ll introduce the sock yarn, which you’ve had a glimpse of, but today we get a closer look, since I need your help with something.

This is a remarkably color-accurate picture of Pokeberry Blend, the first color of My Backyard Sock that I’ve successfully replicated. I’m super-proud of myself! Like the rest of the sock yarns I’ll share with you today, it’s 480 yards of fingering-weight goodness in superwash merino (not that you should machine wash this yarn – DON’T) with some nylon thrown in for strength.

I have a couple left of this color from my last round of dyeing – I call it Earth, Wind, & Fire. These became my Urbana socks:

Now we get to the new stuff.

This is a new color for socks, but an old color for me – I just call it Black Bean Blue. It’s one of two colors I’m putting in a different line called My Kitchen Sock, because the dyes come just from stuff you might find in my kitchen. Can you guess what it’s made with? The variegation is done by this cool thing I remember learning about in elementary school science called capillary action. At least I think that’s what it is: I sit one end of the skein in a bowl full of dye, and let the other hang out – and it sits like that for a week. By the end, the blue has worked its way up through all of the yarn, but it’s darkest where it sits in the dye and lightest on the other end. Switching to organic black beans has made a world of difference with the color, much to my surprise, and superwash always takes dye impressively, so I’m quite pleased with the result.

Here’s where you come in! These last two colors of sock yarn are brand new, and they need NAMES! So look at these pictures and see if you are inspired. If you can’t tell from the skeins above, I like names that are short and to the point, but somehow interesting. If you come up with a suitable name I may find it in myself to send you a prize… So guess away.

Contestant number one is another color of My Backyard Sock, dyed with Turmeric (for the yellow) and pokeberry (for the red). Both colors are primary-bright, with plenty of variegation in there for interest. What do they make you think of?

Contestant number two belongs to the My Kitchen Sock category, dyed with black beans and turmeric. The mix of the vibrancy of the yellow with the relative mutedness of the blue makes an interesting mix, and where they cross over there is a good bit of spring green that I like very much. I think there’s more green in it than you can tell in this picture.

I will be making the labels later this week – tomorrow, if I can get my insane to-do list under control – so guess away, because I hope to have these suckers named in 24 hours. Then there will be more yarn to introduce you too….

4 thoughts on “New Socks on the Block

  1. I am so slow on the draw, Rebecca. I never realized you dyed your own yarn! #1 – Indian Corn …#2’s like one of those smells you recognize and can’t remember… I’ll let you know if it comes to mind. 😉


  2. I love these color names and I LOVE your yarn. You were right to warn me not to show up Saturday morning and buy ALL your stash at the S and W Festival. But it will be hard to wait until Sunday. Best luck with it all….


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