He is Risen!

And so are we, risen from our beds at four-o’-stupid in the morning for the sunrise service, fueled by coffee and dumbfounded at the birds that were chirping an hour before the sun was even thinking about rising. The candlelight Easter Vigil was small, but fun, breakfast with the whole church family was insanely ample, and at the second service we rocked our own socks off playing worship music. I don’t think we sounded that countrified.

The “Resurrection Tree” (I don’t know if anyone knows what kind of tree it actually is, except that it’s not a cherry) is in full and wild bloom, inspiring lots of picture taking.

Jared: I made this vest! Rebecca: Girdles were invented by misogynist Satan worshipers!

Here is an obligatory knitting picture (I’ve done all of like 8 rounds on the thing since you last saw it. 560 stitch rounds take for freaking ever).

This afternoon will be full of friends and food and all the fun things we gave up for lent – chiefly video games and booze. I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, you’re celebrating somehow today. I am going to go wait for our guests, and do that thing that means I really am on top of things and can relax – SPIN.

Happy Easter everyone.

2 thoughts on “He is Risen!

  1. Yes 560 stitches is for freaking ever. I can get about 4 to 6 rows a day done if I focus! Notice I said focus. Did 6 rows today. I am amazed at myself as I have started the third clue! YAY!!!! Now all I have to do is start another one for myself. Will tell you that story in person. I never seem to be able to keep my knitting for myself these days. My sister took over the mittens I did so I have to knit myself another pair and my mom wants a pair too. Family is great but when it comes to knitted items they can get very greedy!

    Happy Easter!


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