On NOT frogging

Yet another lesson learned, or if not learned, at least painfully reinforced. The lesson: read the pattern before you start knitting.

That lovely top of a sock I showed you yesterday? It is exactly to gauge, with more or less perfect tension. It fits perfectly on a foot with an 8″ circumference, as the pattern foretold. If I had read this, and taken the time to measure my foot, I would have realized in advance that I have a 9″ circumference foot (measured around the ball of the foot). The sock does not fit me.

But, as you see, I haven’t frogged it. I’ve finished the leg and even begun on the heel, making my own little alteration so that the “seam” line where the fair isle pattern jogs is in the back of the leg.

I seriously thought about ripping it out. But, I realized, there is a time to frog and a time to make do. It doesn’t have to fit on my foot. It’s a shop sample, and shop samples are often knit in the smallest size given. And I’ve learned all I need to make sure the students in my class don’t make the same mistake. Ripping at this point would not be an exercise in fastidiousness and excellence in craftsmanship… it would be a misguided concession to pride and perfectionism, and that way lies madness. Especially if, like me, you have nary an ounce of actual fastidiousness in your soul.

So I will continue looking out the windows to the sunrise…. and get over myself. And hopefully before I start another project, I’ll read. the. dumb. pattern.

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