I’ve been working at Cloverhill for about four months now. In some ways, I feel like I’ve always been here for ages. I’ve been doing everything from inventory to teaching classes, and now for the first time I get to make a shop sample.

I’ve been itching for fair isle (a type of multi-color knitting), and we’ve been expecting to see a trend of solid + multi fair isle socks on the needles, what with all the fantastic slow-striping sock yarns on the market. Put these two together and you get:

Windowpane Socks (ravelry link) by Chrissy Gardener. I’m mixing the pure white Gems Fingering with a new color of Trekking XXL, and the result, I think, is stunning. (It’ll be more stunning when it’s blocked. I have to really stretch it on my hand for it not to look like sunshine barf.) I’m calling them the Sunrise Through Whitewashed Windowpane Socks. I think they’re worth the lengthy name, but you probably done, so I’ll call them White Window Sunrise for short.

I’ll be teaching a class at Cloverhill on these socks at the end of March (I won’t give you the dates and times; I’m not that self-serving), so hopefully I’ll be able to master all required techniques.

…. stop the presses. I’m sitting here at work typing this, and Jolene just walked up to me and told me to try the sock on my foot. I put the sock on my foot. It goes on my foot… but not past my ankle. There may be tears.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Oh no! That was so pretty when I was in today. Will it stretch out some with blocking? Sorry not a sock knitter yet so I do not know.

    Thanks for all your help today. That sweater is killing me!


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