Random Wednesdays

In the tradition of the Yarn Harlot (PG-rated blog) and Mamacate (R-ish-rated-blog), I present to you a list of random things, randomly presented on a Wednesday.

1. On Monday night, we celebrated a Burns Supper! This is a celebration of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns. Scots celebrate Burns night to remember their national poet, read his poetry, and eat traditional Scottish foods. I totally failed to take a picture of anything we did that night, so instead, here is a portrait of Robert Burns.

shamelessly lifted from Wikipedia, like the rest of our Burns Night resources.
shamelessly lifted from Wikipedia, like the rest of our Burns Night resources.

If you are wondering, we are not in the least Scottish. I’m more or less German/English, and Jared’s German/English/Spanish. This whole thing stemmed from Jared reading up on haggis on Wikipedia. We did have haggis, single malt scotch, oatcakes and cheese, rumbledethumps, neaps and tatties, and crannachan. (Don’t give me any of those at a spelling bee). We had a grand time. I read a poem about “Tam O’ Shanter” (wearing one, of course). Curtis read Burns’s “address to a haggis” in old Scots, while Jared translated. We toasted the haggis, the president, ladies, laddies, and I managed to get through the next day without [much of ] a hangover. I am content.

2. Do you know what a Pannetonne is? I didn’t. Turns out it’s the Muffin King from Sheol.

We acquired this piece of pastry through a rather embarrassing series of hand-me-downs, and Jared had the brilliant idea of turning it into a French Toast Casserolle with a recipe he found at the most excellent Great Harvest branch near our house.

It submitted to my knife, and became an excellent breakfast food that we finished off this morning. Despite the little bits of unidentifiable fruit, it was very tasty.

3. It was 60 degrees outside on Monday. And it is supposed to snow 12-20″ this weekend. Work that one out. I love my state.

4. Turns out that Craisins have a lot of sugar in them. I discovered this by attempting to make homemade craisins. They’re like little bitter crusties. Hopefully they go well in scones, since we’re out of breakfast casserole.

5. My family got a dog! This is good! I can live vicariously through their dog ownership until we move into a place that does not have the awful thing called Pet Rent! He is a pooshon (poodle/bishon mix) and my sister has named him Kirby! I get to meet him tomorrow! I am channeling Chester! (note: the rest of the blog I just linked you to is also not PG-rated. Be warned.)

6. There is this awesome thing that someone invented called the Mystery Shawl. The idea is, you sign up and pay for the pattern in advance, then slowly you get one “clue” at a time to knit yourself a shawl. You might think “but what if I don’t like what it ends up looking like?” Firstly, it’s lace! It’ll look great no matter what it is. Secondly, if you are persnickity and still don’t like it, give it away for heaven’s sake. There’s a 50% chance that will happen anyway with things I knit. Anyway, I signed myself up for the Evenstar Mystery Shawl (rav link), and last week we got a pre-clue: the swatch. My swatch looks just like everyone else’s, but it’s pretty, and I’m pleased with it, so I’ll show it to you anyway.

Knit with Jojoland Harmony in color HC04, which will fade slowly between pale green and pale pink through the expanding circle of the shawl.

7. You may be saying, “but Rebecca, you just declared that you were going to knit another circular shawl for the Knitting Olympics. Doesn’t that make you a little batty?” To that I say: why’d you have to bring that up?

3 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays

  1. Muffin king from Sheol! Hahaha.

    Also, I had to rip out my pretty ribbon ties on my seat cushion twice before I figured out that they were not supposed to end up inside the cushion. Is this frogging as well, or is there a hand-sewing specific term?


    1. Gosh, I don’t know. “Frogging” is named after what you do when you pull it out: you “rip it, rip it.” Thus, I think your un-sewing counts as frogging!


  2. Pretty insightful post. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up


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