Meet Doris

Doris Beall, the spinning wheel. Surnamed after my two favoritest senseis in all of Tung Soo Do, and so that Jared could introduce her in a rhyming couplet. Forenamed because… Well… okay, I have no idea why. I just looked at her and thought… “Doris!” and it stuck.

(Before you think I’ve totally lost it and have built a shrine to fiber apparatus, when this picture was staged, the power was out. Here’s a better one:)

Forgive the totally trashed background in these pictures. They are the closest thing I have to “before” shots of the room before its recent rearrangement, and I didn’t even bother picking up the trash bags off the floor for these shots. It didn’t even occur to me that anything would even be visible in the pictures other than the wheel, what with it shining in glorious radiance.

Doris is a double-drive, single-treadle, front facing wheel, with a wee little radius of under two feet.

Doris came all the way from Amsterdam, but we’re not really sure where she was from before that. It seems that some distributer out in Amsterdam seems to be collecting antique wheels from the days when there had to be a wheel for every female in the average European household. It could be anywhere from 30 years old to 150; I don’t really have any way of knowing right now, though I am certainly curious. (We’ll see if Curiosity grows into Research. Considering that my usual method of Research is asking Jared about something in the vague hope that he’ll look it up on Wikipedia later, this would have to be quite a mighty curiosity.)  time for an action shot!

Not quite willing to break out any of my Christmas fiber on her until we knew each other a little better, I test drove Doris on some 40-year-old alpaca that had been passed on to my boss at the last spinning night.

The results are plied, hanging off the Rock Band drumset to block as I type. Antique roving spun on an antique wheel… I even have a pattern picked out to use the finished yarn for… and lets just say… it fits!

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