While You Were Sleeping

I’ve got to admit… it’s kind of hard to blog when your house is a complete mess of destruction and mayhem. And it’s kind of hard to blog about your house being a complete mess of destruction and mayhem when you utterly fail to take “before” pictures.

That’s right, we’ve been remodeling! Well, not remodeling… the closest one can get to remodeling in an apartment, which is basically moving furniture around.

To start, we got rid of the guest bed (which was passed on to someone who will get a little more use out of it than we did), moved the ENORMOUS DESK from the living room into the guest bedroom, along with one of the bookshelves, and we have ourselves a proper office.

This was done to clear up some space in the living room for the real task. Part of the reason our living room is always such a mess (aside from the fact that we [read: I] are [am] not very good at picking up after ourselves [myself]), is because our living room isn’t just a living room: it’s a workshop. That’s where I do all of my knitting, ripping, spinning, processing of dyestuffs, etc… because I do it all in front of the TV. You might think i’m some sort of down-home country-type person who does all of these homely things wearing taffeta skirts and an apron while humming old hymns, but no. On an average “workday”, when i’m at home doing yarny things, I’m parked rather firmly on the couch watching science fiction while I rip sweaters/sort pokeberries/reskein yarn. It finally occurred to us that rather than resisting the reality of our workshop/living room space, we should embrace it!

So we took all our living room furnature and moved it about three feet away from the window. This took away the little passageway made behind the loveseat, but, thanks to the removal of the bookshelf, that means there’s a good, solid 6×10 foot area devoted to crafting, within good view of the tube.

(Please try to ignore the fact that the place doesn’t actually look any cleaner. No arrangement of furniture alone will cure me of my habit of wandering through the house like a carefree sprite, dropping belongings on every surface I pass without even noticing.) The old desk from the guest bedroom was moved in here, and the smaller chair as well, which can be used for anything from sitting at the desk to spinning to spinning madly on the little stripey carpet. Lots of handy knitterly things were relocated out here too. I spent a good two hours yesterday just re-sorting drawers. I put my needles in a binder, using Stacie’s cool method, fit most of the looseleaf patterns we’ve been collecting into another binder, and chucked all the useless scrapbooking scraps that never made it into completed books. As a result, the drawer int he desk was cleared out, and now has nothing in it but graph paper, ready to be scribbled on at a moment’s inspiration. But this all pales next to the piece de’ resistance (or however you say that):

Somewhere in my head, I never thought I would own an entertainment center. But, it turns out, it fits with the space in an amazingly practical way.

On the right, from top to bottom: 1. Lace yarn, 2. Audio equipment, 3. CPU, 4. Inkjet printer, 5. Laser printer. On the left: 1. Sock yarn, 2. books on missions to read this year, 3. knitting books, 4. Theological Lexicon of the New Testament (it had to go somewhere), and 5. board games.  In the center of course are DVDs, monitor atop switch and file sever, with computer games and wii junk stowed tastefully out of sight below.

I feel so organized! As much as I envy those [Read: Janie, also my mom], lovely ladies who are so organized that you could probably surprise them at any hour of the day or night and eat off their floor or search for a book in their collection according to the Dewey decimal system, I don’t actually enjoy doing this. I like having organization, but not enough to get a kick out of working for it. All the same, I am tickled pink to have the space better reflect a little bit more of who we actually are, rather than how we expect ourselves to be according to the norms of family or culture. Also, i vacuumed. Twice.

3 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping

  1. I must say that it looks quite good like this. We don’t do anything which is why things never seem out of place at our home.


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