On Frogging

I think that, with knitting, part of the idea is that you gain the ability to recognize mistakes early on in your work. That way, before you’ve done, say, a quarter of a given piece, you realize when something has gone wonky, and you fix it before you’ve invested too much time in it.

Well, let’s just say, I’m not there yet.

As I am determined to actually become a better knitter, and stop just living with crapped-up knitwear, I’m trying to be at least a little bit fastidious. Unfortunately, this means that I have become subject to the Math of Good Knitting.

Here’s how the Math of Good Knitting works. I have, on my purple sweater, knit two fronts, two sleeves, and a back. That’s almost a whole sweater, right?

Yet, for all that work, this is all I have to show for it so far:

In case you can’t tell, that’s a back and most of one sleeve.

The back went okay. The front I’ve already completed, ripped back, and re-knit, and still have to do over. And I had the first sleeve almost done when I realized that it was not looking very much like it would go around my arm with room to spare.

There is good news, though… I have knit enough to realize that I probably do, in fact, have enough yarn to finish this sweater. That is what keeps me from despair, after mile upon mile of stockinette stitch (I mean that in a fairly literal sense… i’ve knit through about .6 miles of yarn at this point. Yes, I sat here and figured it out. I could figure out how many stitches I’ve done if you really want me to).

The Math of Good Knitting has even struck a wee hat I am working on, out of some handspun graciously bequeathed me by the Lady and Master of Cloverhill. I’ve done about enough knitting on the thing to have a full-size hat for a 6-month-old, yet this is what I have:

That is a little less than half of an Elizabeth Zimmerman Ganomy hat (that’s pronounced “gnome”, and that’s a ravelry link), adapted to fingering-ish weight for a small-ish person.

Of course, the idea is that all of this frogging will (a) teach me to pay more attention as I go, and (b) leave me with more excellent garments when I finish. But, in order for (b) to ever come true, I will have to stop frogging long enough to finish.

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