On the tenth Day of Christmas

I knitted for my spouse:

An Armando hat (ravelry link) in Malabrigo worsted!

Jared says: “Didn’t I also look stoned in the picture you took of me wearing the hat you made me last year?”

I don’t know; let’s find out.


Things I learned from this project:

1. Slip stitch patterns, and slip-stitch-like patterns, are surprisingly very awesome looking with handpainted yarn.

2. Yarn that is not plied (it’s just one thick strand, not a 2 or more twisted together) is more likely to pill. Can’t believe it took me this long into yarny obsession to learn this. This means that such yarn is good for hats, but not so great for sweaters that will get any kind of heavy wear. Wish I’d figured that out before I made a big purple sweater out of Crystal Palace’s beautiful Fjord yarn. And bought a whole bag of Nashua Handknits Shenandoah for my next sweater. Eh. Oh well. You live; you learn; you get a sweater shaver.

2 thoughts on “On the tenth Day of Christmas

  1. OK I’ve been knitting for over 20 years (since the day before I gave birth to my son) and never knew that!! I read each and every page of 3 different magazines that I’ve been getting for years and years and didn’t know that. I went on a knitting reteat and didn’t learn that.
    Hmmmmm…..that does help me understand some things.


  2. YEAH I don’t know why it’s not common knowledge… probably because it’s not a 100% of the time thing. Like… Noro is a single, and I doubt it would pill, just feeling it. Another good rule is probably that if it is single-ply and SOFT it is more likely to pill. But I’m sure that’s not all there is to it.


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