On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

I knitted for my Chris Kindle (code for Secret Santa):

A pretty, green, merino-silk cowl. Sorry I caught you with the flash. My only excuse is that this picture was taken around 12:05 on Christmas morning, after the late service. Pattern: Kate’s Feather-and-Fan cowl (come to Cloverhill and buy some yarn and you can get a free copy!); yarn: Manos del Uruguay silk blend, in that gorgeous breen-blue-gold mix that is my very favoritest. I’m glad I got to pick the colors last time we ordered it.

Things I learned from this project:

1. You can add projects to your Christmas knitting list on December 23rd, finish them on time, and not die.

2. Feather-and-fan lace is not too complex to work on between choruses of a Messiah sing.

3. You never know when you are going to meet a new friend. Sandy is relatively new to our church, or I probably would have gotten to know her while I was working there. Anyways, we did this Chris Kindle thing, which is like Secret Santa except you keep giving gifts throughout all of Advent before the great reveal on Christmas Eve. Anyways, Sandy was my Chris Kindle (i.e. the person I gave gifts to), but when I started getting gifts from my generous soul, I thought I recognized the handwriting from the slip I’d received describing her interests for the swap. I wasn’t 100% sure I was getting things from her until I turned around at work one day and she was at the register, looking secretive. Much to my surprise, I discovered on Christmas day that I was NOT her Chris Kindle – I was her husband’s! She had just done most of the shopping. We had a good laugh over that. Just goes to show, people are God’s coolest blessing.

Happy Epiphany!

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