I wish yarn sold itself.

Today was cold, but not near as cold as yesterday was! Lots more people came out on the newly cleared roads to buy crafts and what not, and we had a glorious time. Miraculously, we didn’t lose any toes. (Okay so it was only 40 degrees out. I hope no Canadians are reading this. Or… Pennsylvanians.)

I’ve got to admit – The yarn didn’t sell like hotcakes. It seems that this time of year, anyone who’s really going to knit something for a Christmas present has probably already started – and doesn’t have any money left to buy yarn for themselves. Plus, I’m not sure craft fairs are the right home for my stuff – after all, people come to craft fairs to buy already-made crafts, not stuff to make crafts, right? Not that I didn’t have an AWESOME time – I love the folks at Breezy Willow, and it’s very cool to spend some more time with my fellow CSA-ers. I’d definitely do an open house with them again. I’m just learning that I don’t exactly want to get on the craft-show circuit, you know?

That leaves me with a dilemma. If my yarn isn’t in stores, and I’m not doing shows, how are people going to see the yarn in person? Online stores are great (and I’ve just busted my butt getting my etsy store up, and check out the awesomeness that I made appear on the right sidebar! I feel so competent) but yarn isn’t just a visual medium. At least half the time, you really fall in love with yarn by petting it. On the internet, petting yarn always has the same effect – smear marks on your screen. I mean HELLO, I have 3 skeins of 100% angora lace for sale! I’m pretty sure you can’t buy that anywhere else, at least not for less than the cost of your right arm below the elbow! And the silk/angora blend I stumbled across feels divine. But looking at pictures, you’d glaze right over that. (At least I would. Internet stores are not in the category of literature that I scour with attention to detail. I’m sure you’d never do that if you linked to my store. High class writing, that. No sentences ending in prepositions.)

So I dunno. If you live in my area, it’s easy – come over to my house; I’ll serve you tea and you can pet the yarn all you want. Plus you won’t have to pay shipping. Otherwise… it’s Etsy away!

Maybe I can run it like Mary Kay. Has anyone ever been to a yarn party?

One thought on “I wish yarn sold itself.

  1. Rebbie,
    I am so glad you got the experience of this past weekend. I am sorry the weather wasn’t that good. 😦 I really feel you need to get those patterns published (perhaps using your yarn) and get some ads on Rav about the patterns. I really wish you the best of luck with this and hope your big “break” comes soon.


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