Slushy Debut

I woke up this morning to watch the sleet coming down outside our window slowly turn into snow.

At first I was worried that the CSA parking lot, where those oh-so-needed customers would be parking, would be a soggy mess. I didn’t need to worry. this is what the parking lot looked like when we got there.

Not that there was nobody there, but it wasn’t exactly humming, and the nice folks at Breezy Willow Farm let people park in the newly paved area between their buildings. As for the Open House itself, in an effort to keep some of the warmth in from a sputtering heater, it was, well, not that open.

But inside the building, we kept as cozy as we could, and the bright colors of everyone’s wares were terrifically cheery.

Jared approved. Here’s a better view of our yarn display:

A surprising number of brave souls came out despite the storm, and it was neat to meet the other vendors and learn a little bit about their things. I am in love with Casey’s felted stuff, and it’s taking all my willpower not to break down and start compulsively needlefelting details on all my stuff.  I’m going to have to muster some special self-control not to spend about five times more than I make on everyone else’s stuff. I did make a couple of sales – mostly to my mother, but that’s her job, right? Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, and the snow seems to have turned back into rain, washing most of the snow off the roads, but leaving a decent layer of white on the ground.

I am pleased. No matter what the circumstances, it’s hard not to be cheerful about the first snow of the season.

Okay well if we’d gotten in a car accident and lost our legs, then I’d be a little not cheerful. That’d be a trip. “Well, yes, we’re crippled for life… but it was all because of the first snow of the season! I’m so caught up in the nostalgia of it all that I don’t really mind.”

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