Time Crunch Causes Brain Injury

You know wool fumes have gone to your head when, in between working at a yarn shop and trying to start your own wool business, you start adding to your Christmas knitting.

This is a terrifically inaccurately colored picture of a hat for our church secretary. I’m calling it the “Crap, Becky has Cancer” hat. It looks finished in this picture, but it’s only about halfway there.  Since I took this shot yesterday I’ve gotten started on the liner, and hope to have it finished by Sunday. Which I guess makes it not exactly a Christmas present. But it’s red… and coming out of the Christmas budget… so I figure it counts.

The yarn is of my own dyeing on a bulky 100% wool. It’s dyed with pokeberries and is a rediculously dark red with lighter red highlights. I knit the outer hat on 8s, so it’s very tight and will be very warm, but it won’t be the world’s softest number, so I took advantage of November’s yarn of the month sale to get some cashmere that’s been sitting around the shop for a while. Yes, 100% cashmere, worth the price of admission just to get to hold it and pet it a lot, and hand-dyed by a friend of the shop owner’s. I’m trying to do something clever so that it will still be a rolled brim hat, but with the liner showing, but I’m rather flying by the seat of my pants, so we’ll see. Yet another improvised pattern that I’ll jot down and post here if anyone wants it.

The open house starts tomorrow… and believe it or not, most of the work is done. 66 skeins of yarn dyed, rinsed, dried, reskeined, and labeled. All that’s left is to price them and cut out the little business cards that I made last night in publisher. Then it’s off to the races. Wish me luck, friends!

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