Joyellen and Caleb always prayed for their bread. These two precocious bilingual children belonged to the director of the study abroad program in Mexico that I attended during the fall semester of 2005. My mom used to make whole wheat bread for our family almost every week, and as I learned from her example, I grasped that there was some measure of anxiety about how the bread would turn out. No matter how much experience Mom had, you never quite knew whether it was going to “flop.” So when Joyellen and Caleb taught us their tradition of bread prayers, I totally understood.

I thought of them last week when I unceremoniously ripped open the bags of sock blanks that I ordered a couple weeks ago, that I had the ridiculous plan of getting dyed before the open house this weekend. I am still almost unspeakably inexperienced when it comes to dyeing, let alone when it comes to the vast unpredictability of natural dyeing ingredients. So I prayed over my dyelots, and asked a couple friends to pray for them as well.

I’ve done about 15 dyelots so far, and not a single one has come out how I expected. You can get a VAST range of tones out of each of the three materials I use, and they all act very differently as chemicals. Add to that that I rush, dropping things farther into lots than I mean to, dripping everywhere, forgetting that I’ve got a lot on the stove when I go out to get more rum for egg nog. So I shrug, rinse, and let it dry.

But today I reskeined one.

Okay, so my pictures are sucktastic. I’ll take better ones for the yarn page when theyr’e all done. But my word. I was just speechless. I didn’t come up with this. This is gorgeous.

So I have four more days until the open house, but I’m taking this as a reminder to focus on the more important things. God will take care of us. And the Creator enjoys participating in my creativity!

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