The Passing of an Appliance

I am sorry to report that our microwave of many years has finally bitten the dust.

I had put in a bag of popcorn for lunch one day, listening for pops. The microwave is so old that cooking is timed by educated guesstimates rather than following directions on packages, and popcorn is best timed by listening for when the pops slow down to just one every few seconds. The pops were merrily continuing, when suddenly I heard a very loud POP that was louder than even the largest inverting corn kernel could be.

The glass bottom of the unit was totally shattered. The microwave was before rotating trays (little-known-fact: rather than have a rotating tray, old units had the heating unit rotate in the body of the machine. This is more effective at heating food evenly, and you don’t have to deal with the stupid rotating tray breaking. But consumers wanted to see something rotating, so the convention was changed to rotating trays. Isn’t that dumb?), and the only thing holding food up from the mechanical innards of the microwave was a 1/8″ thick sheet of glass that was no more. I looked at the situation, blinked, pulled out my popcorn, checked for puncture wounds, and ate my lunch.

I’ve had this  microwave since 2003, right before I went to college, but the thing says 1983 on the back. I think 26 years is a pretty darn good run for a microwave.

Cue the dramatic music as the new micro very effectively (and rotationally) reheats some spaghetti sauce.
Cue the dramatic music as the new micro very effectively (and rotationally) reheats some spaghetti sauce.

So now we have a new hand-me-down, a practically-new microwave/toaster (toaster?!) from Jared’s parents. Apparently their huge kitchen remodel came soon after they bought this one, but this wouldn’t fit in their new setup, and we are the beneficiaries. We only had a toaster oven before this, so it’s kinda neat to be able to stick our bread in the toaster (toaster?!), though it makes some very un-toaster-like noises as it toasts. But it heats, and the rotating tray isn’t broken yet. I am content.

One thought on “The Passing of an Appliance

  1. Love the glowey effects on the space-age microwave. It served us well. Gotta love the turn-dial for setting time. SO much faster than buttons. My only critique is the toaster on the side. Imbalanced, in my opinion. If they added a mini fridge on the bottom and a self-grinding coffee pot on the side it would all make more sense.


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