Thoughts from Yesterday

I can’t get to FarmVille. I’m sitting here at work and I can’t get to my farm. All I get is the sad-looking cow. I’m sitting here, knowing full well that my coffee and pepper plants are withering as I type, and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s driving me batty. What will my neighbors think? They’ll stop by to help me with that gopher problem that keeps popping up (pun intended), or to fertilize my crops, and find everything a distasteful shade of brown. What will they think? Will they think that I got to level 22 just to skip off to FishVille or YoVille? Next time I see that sad brown cow I am going to harvest it for steak.

Before you decide to stage a FarmVille intervention, I will distract you with a sampling of Rebecca + Jared humor.

Words that end in “an” + “anxiety”:

“beanxiety” – worry that smells like methane.
“toucanxiety” – fear of fruitloops.
“panxiety” – fear of everything, or fear of cooking.
“talibanxiety” – fear of terrorism.
“danxiety” – what Bethany had before she started dating Dan.

I don’t remember the rest of them. Feel free to add your own.

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