Cheap Advertising

The Christmas projects continue. I picked back up the thing that I was ignoring, finished up a fun thing, and started another thing. Things continue apace, but not at the ploughing rate you would expect from someone who gets paid to sit around and play with yarn all the time. No, I’ve been prepping for the Open House at which I’ll be debuting… ripping out sweaters, re-spinning them, avoiding doing administration… I should really be advertising, but I haven’t had time yet…

So I’ll ask you to spread the word. Do you know anyone who is even vaguely interested in either yarn or excellent local food sourcing? The trip out to West Friendship should be well worth it. On Dec. 5th & 6th, from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m., Breezy Willow Farm will be hosting a Holiday Open House. This is a great opportunity to learn about Community Supported Agriculture, to get out and see a farm (they have chickens!), and check out an unusual collection of local handcrafted stuff. The facebook event says this: “We will have LOCAL handmade crafts which include; Handmade soap & body products, handmade felt items, naturally dyed, recycled yarn,fresh evergreen wreaths/swags, hand-knitted items, Delightful jewelry creations, handmade candles, handmade greeting cards and more!” Sounds like fun to me. Especially for us Howard Countyites, stuck in Columbia, this is a great chance to reconnect with the farminess that is the majority of our county. Directions are on Breezy Willow’s Website. Jared & I will be there the whole time, so you’re guaranteed to catch us.

Now that that bout of self-aggrandizement is over, I can show you something I’ve been working on – On Saturday, Jolene finished plying some lovely stuff from Three Irish Girls that she’s had on the wheel for a while, and it’s perfectly gorgeous stuff. So I had an unreasonably large amount of joy when she chucked a little ball at me and said “have some singles!” I dropped everything and spent the next two days making this:

What is this tiny bit of adoreableness, you ask? From whence came it stripy glory?

It’s a camera sock! Knit on wee size 0 needles (a new record of smallness for me), as a suitable container for the new camera Jolene got for the shop (so we now have no excuse not to blog for the shop. like I need another distraction from my own blog). Anyway, the camera is pink, and I decided it was cute enough to merit a custom-fit sock. Notice how the stitches are all a little skewed? That’s because the singles were still energized, all curling up on each other, so it has a rather impressive bias. I still love the thing, though. I couldn’t put it down, as every few minutes a new color would show up and I would want to see how it all went together.

Well, now it’s back to the grindstone… I have my first-ever commission to compete, and I’d like to do it in a timely manner. ciaobye.

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