Technically, Oktoberfest ended on the 4th. But it’s Oktober, and we’re Festing, so as far as we’re concerned, the holiday is nowhere near over.

Last night we were supposed to go to a Jars of Clay concert, but we found out that morning that they had canceled it (tears!). My husband is not easily daunted, though, and before you can say “Weinerschnitzel” he had invited the crowd over for German cooking, good beer, and late-night board games. I got home after a late shift to a kitchen smelling of bacon and onions, and sat down and knitted while Fjord and Jared finished up the proceedings:

Organic oatmeal beer (what was the name of it again? it was SO good) in tankards,

Apple torte (it involves cream cheese under that mountain),

Brussels sprouts, which no one can complain about when they’re cooked in bacon and syrup,

And bratwursts, peeking out from between the plates keeping them warm, bathed in sauerkraut and funky local mustard.

Somehow, despite all that very good stout, I managed miraculously to get two projects done and blocking in the same night.

Insta-cowl 2.0 you know about; that’s the bedside knitting. Once it’s dry, I’ll see if it serves all the purposes it was created for. The second object, though, you have not heard about, as it was conceived of and executed entirely within the last 24 hours.

The keyhole scarf is the project we use for beginner classes at Cloverhill. I’m teaching one a week from today (10:00 a.m., $20, come one, come all!), so I figured I should do the project. Nothing made it more motivating than doing it in MY OWN HANDSPUN!

Everything that people whisper about handspun yarn is true. It’s lightness and cushiness is incomparable from just having been twisted and handled enough to make it yarn and not a twist more. It’s merino, so it’s a dream to touch and feel around one’s neck. And the coloring is completely unique! It flows between solids and mottled effects thanks to the unexpected mixes provided by plying. It’s pretty consistent, but the little bumpies add more texture and interest as you go. And there’s something so fantastically intimate about knitting with a yarn you’ve already spent so much time with.

Plus, there’s nothing so fun and inspiring as a new accessory. I am having a very good day.

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