Random Wednesday

In my browsing of the Knitblog Community (by which I mean obsessively reading through the Yarn Harlot’s archives) I’ve run across yet another shared gimmick named random wednesday. (or Tuesday. or Friday. or whatever. Today is Wednesday, so there you have it.) It is both convenient and (I hope) a bit of an initiation rite for me to participate, so without further ado, here is my first. (I apologize in advance for the extra-crappy pictures; my nice camera has been in the shop for a month now, and I’m not always awake enough to make my little point-and-shoot compensate for my still-nascent photography skills.)

1. My Berroco competition socks are finished, after a bit of doing. I finished the first and was almost done the second when I realized –


I hate the toe. It makes no sense to make such an amazingly fussy cable, with cute little ribs to frame it on the foot, and with the pattern centered nicely at the end, to then have a crappy, purl-dominated, oddly-kitchenered toe.

So I ripped my half of a second toe and redid it, then frogged all of the first for the redo.


I’m quite pleased with the result; I tried kitchenering up and down to create a horizontal stripe of stockinette rather than the usual kitchner across the toe. I think it works reasonably well, as long as there doesn’t end up being an unpleasant little bump at the tip.

You see here I managed to actually get them on my size 8 1/2 feet, barely, but they are really meant for a size 6 or 7 foot. I shall have to find some very serious, business minded, professional looking, grey-liking woman who is also short with small feet.


Being the sort to do no research, and come up with a haphazard solution to escape spending money, I used the age-old art of tracing to make some single-use cardboard sock blocks.


They seemed to work just fine, so with a deep breath, I gave the little dearies their last breath of fresh Maryland air,


Then sealed them away and mailed them to a complete stranger.


Opal looks worriedly after its long-time fellow purse-socks, but is is glad to have my purse all to itself again. It was getting crowded.

2. Jared knit me a hat!


It’s not quite finished here (you’ll notice the DPNs stylishly protruding from the crown), but he successfully learned a single crochet to finish the brim, and now just needs to get some elastic thread to finish it up before we leave for vacation on Saturday.

3. Stairway to H[ades]eaven trudges on up the second sleeve.


See here just before it fell victim to further evidence that I ought not to drink coffee, as a quarter cup was enough to get me buzzed enough that I was paying so little attention that I spilled the rest of the cup all over my skirt. StH and the carpet were collateral casualties, but I think they’ll both recover.

4. I got to spend time with my two favorite recent knitting converts –


Rachel, who’s started her second scarf,


And Seretha, who has already acquired both excellent fibre taste and a nose for a good sale. We went exploring yesterday, visiting the Knitters Nest up in Sykesville. Seretha is shown above not yet out of bed at 11 a.m., sleeping among her new stash. You don’t get to see my new sock yarn; my reputation doesn’t need further damage.

5. Jared has started his first pair of socks!


I’m so proud. And fighting very severe covetousness towards his Cherry Tree Hill stuff. I swear, I found it that way; he likes to leave DPN-using projects with one sticking up like that. It must be a man thing.

6. I finished my second little handspun skein around 2 a.m. on Monday morning. Thanks to my improving skills I got much more yardage out of this bit, which is about the same weight. I tried to slub up the second bobbin a bit so it’d be at least somewhat consistent with the first, but I’m not sure how successful I was. How different do you think the new skein (on the left) is from the first one?


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