Cape Cod Quickie

Hello ladies and gents! I am writing from a tiny cottage on Cape Cod, the little spit of land that juts curvingly around out of Massachusetts. My parents are treating Jared and I to a vacation on the Cape to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and we are privileged to be their guests.

I’ve taken lots of rather bad pictures of really great things, and have fully two FOs to show you, but the “internet connection” (read: a USB between my dad’s computer and his blackberry) is only fast enough that it took me most of the half hour set aside for blogging today to determine that, when picasa takes 15 minutes to download, and the connection cuts out every 10 minutes, one had better make other plans.

So, you’ll have to use your imagination when I tell you:

-Opal is finished! They are beautiful and the crazy orange, blue, green, red, yellow, and white stripiness matches perfectly on the two socks. And I’ve decided to keep them for myself.
-Thanks to a little bit of craziness, the ladies at church and I decided to try to make an afghan for the Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival in three weeks. And of course being a dope, I signed up to sew it up since this was my idea in the first place. But I finished my square.
Behold, the only picture I managed to upload – brown squares. Yay.
-I can see the light at the end of the endless tunnel that is Stairway to Heaven. I finished all the pieces, blocked the sleeves on a daybed using corn skewers (only ended up with one little rust mark that I mostly rubbed out, though that was impressively stupid), sewed the body together minus sleeves, had Leah try it on, and started on the afterthought pockets. I have a really good reward for myself when I finish, so I’m skipping along as quick as I can.
-It is possible to knit on the beach without getting your yarn sandy.
-Jared finished his first sock on the drive up.
-Far less impressively, on the drive up I finished four repeats on the shawl. Blegh. As I was waiting for pictures to fail to upload here, however, I did reach the official halfway point! yay. This will never end.
-We fell down rather hard in two yarn shops. Mostly thanks to some local stuff, some incredible nashua handknits, a very good sale, and some Zauberball.

Maybe pictures later, but for today, I am going to take a yarn break. Use your brain to picture adirondack chairs on a grassy courtyard between two little cottages, a StH sleeve sitting next to a wine glass with OJ and sprite in it, and you can picture our time so far.

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