The Next Big Thing

So I feel a little weird sharing this. It’s not the average, normal citizen who keeps a spreadsheet in her Google Drive aligning chapters in fictional books with favorite yarns, but, well, you know I’m not exactly a normal person. (Whatever that means.) And I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time, saved and … More The Next Big Thing

Cute As A

Naomi here! I am seven months old tomorrow, whether or not my mom will admit it. I got to see my Grandma Deedee last weekend, and she gave me a Button Hat! It is smooth and soft. [Sales plug from mummy – it’s made out of Kirby Meritime that Mum dyed.]   I am still … More Cute As A

July and Lace

Here I thought I was so ahead of myself for finishing my first August sock two whole days before August is half-over, and I forgot that I hadn’t even blogged about July’s socks! Oh well. Naomi still loves me. Yes, the idea of knitting matching socks for baby every month has completely devolved, mostly because after … More July and Lace

Our New Gradient Yarn

Over the summer of 2012, in the gorgeous sunny city of San Diego, I daydreamed about making more colors with our yarn.  Could I push the envelope…..instead of making one “ideal” pokeberry red, could I make 5?  Would  a variety of blues look lovely together?  Could the various ways to dye apple bark be controlled? … More Our New Gradient Yarn

Ten Brother Colors

From Mom: I have one brother, Rebecca’s uncle: the one who, when she was between the ages of 3 and 10, would walk away with her at a party and not tell anyone.  “Where IS she?” I would ask.  Then I would find out that Richard was missing too, and I would know she was on … More Ten Brother Colors

Hat Week!

It’s like Shark Week! But with hats… so not quite as exciting. Or at least not as much blood, or mercury-laden piscenes. My hat plan for Sweetwater Holiday mART was very well thought out. My logic: I’m cutting my hair really short right before winter. Meaning that even if I wanted to do my hair … More Hat Week!

Alpaca Madness

From Mum! ~Reb My dyeing career began with an alpaca fleece, and this weekend is the Maryland Alpaca Festival, so it’s appropriate that I should share what I did next with that fleece after dyeing it.  Joyce from Alpaca Joy is a neighbor, and so was there at Highland Day to sell me my very … More Alpaca Madness