At the Alpaca Festival

Here is more news from Mom!  I was at the Alpaca Festival today and it’s still going on tomorrow, so I wanted to share a few more pictures.  My workshop went well….it was attended by about 20 people, with hands-on demos and a raffle at the end.

Many of the people who own alpacas and were interested in attending the workshop could not attend mine since they were minding their own booths today.  So they asked me to give them a workshop of their own.  I readily agreed.

Rebecca suggested that giving a dyeing workshop would be like doing a cooking show, so I thought about that a lot as I was preparing.  She was right!  And it all worked out just fine.

The festival occupied 6 buildings full of vendors and animals.  Plus my workshop was one of 6, so that gives you an idea of the size.  The artistry I saw at the booths was truly wonderful, and it was nice that the small size made for a very personable experience.  There were thousands of skeins made from alpaca and all combinations of alpaca and wool.  Many wool products as well.  There were also a LOT of finished items, so it was great for Christmas shopping.  It’s well worth the trip to the fair grounds.

Is there any fleece-bearing animal more adorable than an alpaca???  (I saw that many of the fleeces on sale were called “blankets.”  Interesting!)  And so many color combinations!  I can tell you, the medium brown fiber dyes an amazing maroon when doused in a pokeberry bath.

Thank you, Bethany, for assisting me today.  Thank you Joyce and Lisa for putting the whole entire festival together.  Thank you Boar’s Head for providing and excellent lunch menu for reasonable prices.  And thank you to all the vendors who displayed such wonderful art!!  Yeah, I bought some stuff……

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