SCS+BCS: Blue-Green Top Socks

Do you ever find it difficult to get into a particular mode of communication? It can’t just be me. When I’m on Facebook too much, I start thinking in Facebook statuses. When I read too much of a particular author, I start thinking in their words. Right now, I’m getting really into planning and making videos, so I really think in that mode about sharing my stuff. I don’t know why it feels like such a big gear shift to get a blog post written, but I think it’s very good for me. First, because I have to write sermons, and keeping these fingers limber helps that work very much. Second, because blogging is how I celebrate the projects I’ve finished.

I recently joined the School of Sweet Georgia, and in the welcome video, Felicia Lo talks about how making can become just an endless churn if we don’t take the time to stop and reflect on what we’re making. I feel that so much! We were discussing a similar topic recently in a WnS zoom meeting – I forget which one – and it was a reminder to stop and celebrate our work when something gets done! Especially in those seasons where you feel like you’re not getting a lot done, that is so helpful.

I am getting a lot done, fear you not, but not a lot of that is knitting. So I am going to celebrate the heck out of these socks, which I finished a few weeks ago.

These are the socks I spun from the blue-green combed top from our breed and colour study for this year, Hill Radnor in analogous colours. (I’m trying very hard to spell colour the Canadian/British way because that’s what we’ve decided to use in Wool n’ Spinning. Also, I’m Canadian now, so, ha. So I’m just going to say colour as much as I can, because I need the practice. Overcoming thirty+ years of spelling a word one way is not easy. Colour colour colour.)

One sock was spun from fiber broken into four narrow strips and chain plied. I used three of the four repeats in the sock and still have a good bit left. What I found interesting were the spots where each strip ended, between the light blue and the very light green. If I had wanted the colours to continue to flow nicely, I would have had to hold the two colours together for a while to avoid that jarring stripe. As it is, I have another jarring stripe after the heel turn, so it sort of looks like a design feature anyway. In order to avoid that jog, I would have to use another colour for the heel, or do an afterthought heel, which don’t fit me so well.

In this fractal sock, I definitely think that the medium-size strips define the colourway. It’s most prominent when you see the two socks together like this. It makes it appear that the sock has pretty much the same stripe frequency as the chain plied sock, but hidden behind a haze of itself in a blender. I don’t always find this to be the case with fractal socks – especially not with the red socks I’m working on right now. It would be interesting to collect a bunch of pairs like this and see how the fractals echoed. Might do might do.

Speaking of heels. I’ve knit seven pairs of handspun socks for myself now, and I haven’t done anything to reinforce the heels thereof. I’m… having misgivings. Should I go in and work preventative darn patches on the insides, like I did for my first pair? No, no, I won’t do that. I haven’t started wearing any of them yet, and if I make myself wait and do a bunch of darning, they’ll sit for another year. No, they are all deeply invested swatches, and when they wear out, they will tell me lots and lots about which yarns wear the best.

The fractal seems to have a green haze over it, while in the chain plied sock, the eye is drawn to the saturated, bright, primary blue.

My sock yarns keep getting finer and finer. So far, even though I’ve gone down to size 0/2mm needles, I haven’t had to change the stitch circumference on the foot and leg of my sock. They don’t seem too snug, and a bit of snugness is good for wear. But I have had to increase the size of the gusset more and more so the stitches don’t stretch too much across the top of the foot across from the heel. I’m up to a 15 or 16 stitch gusset increase.

I’ve finished one red sock, just cast on the second yesterday. I don’t expect to get it done before the end of the month, but maybe I’ll surprise myself. Onward, plodding as the tortoise, in the name of warm feet!

Oo, just used Ctrl+F, and I only spelled colour the American way once. Go me, eh!

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