August 2021 Round Up: Sock Summer

August was our big vacation month! I haven’t been posting obviously – I haven’t found time to solve my photo hosting and storage issues yet, and quite frankly, we’ve been too busy having fun for me to sit in front of a computer and write to you about it. But I’ll give you a miniature photo album of the month.

Two days by the seaside in Delaware, with Jared’s parents.

A few days with dear friends out in Cumberland, MD

My sister’s wedding…. so, so much more to share about this, but I’ll do it justice later.

A trip to our favorite ballpark, Nationals stadium in Washington, D.C. – the team didn’t even lose too badly.

Cousins, cousins, and more cousins

A getaway for Jared and I to Canaan Valley, WV

Papa Bear’s amazing trains

New parrot friends

My sister’s horse

Taking my grandmother to see an old haunt made new – for her, on many years ago on her horses; for me, almost as many years ago as a child exploring the beautiful land where I was privileged to grow up.

Rain and sun, heat and more heat, giggles and tantrums, siblings and cousins and uncles and aunts, treasured grandparents, and everywhere green. We’ve been having a lot of quality people time, which is the very most bestest thing ever.

Through it all, I’ve been tootling away knitting socks.

Socks at a ballgame…

Socks on a chairlift…

I finished the bluestockings patterns, and I’ll post about them all later. But on top of that, combination of a trip to Michael’s and my mother’s knitting machines has resulted in an additional six pairs of socks.

Patons Kroy sock yarn was on clearance for three dollars per ball; I can’t be blamed if I lost my head a bit.

I’ve now mostly completed thirteen pairs of socks this summer, with a couple more still in the wings. Seven pairs are gifts; the rest are for me. Most I did myself; a few my mom whipped out for me on her machine. I like to imagine all the happy feet sliding into all this handiwork.

That’s a summary of our August; I hope I can make the time in the next couple of weeks to reflect more deeply on a few of these events and projects. It’s been a deeply blessed vacation, and it’s coming to a good end in a few days. Tuesday, Lord willing, we’ll be back in Rankin Inlet, quarantining before sending the kids back to school. But for now, it’s September 2, the sun is shining, and I’m going to go enjoy the trees.

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