Length and Width Issues

Two projects off the loom, and both are having some dimensional problems.

I got my curtains all blocked, ironed, and sewn with their backing, and when I hung them up…

Er… oh. I was expecting more like a few inches of fringe dusting the sill, not.. 12.

The other is The Great Scarf Caper. It involves turning this thrift store bounty:

Into a whole lot of Christmas cheer for our lockdown town. We wove up the first three scarves in under twenty-four hours. However:

Cozy fluffy, but much too wide and much too short.

These scarves were just experiments, playing around to see what fabric we could yet with Pom Pom and fur yarns. We’ve still got enough yarn for another dozen or two, and now they’ll be that much better. Tomorrow’s mission will be to wind up some 5” wide warps.

As for the curtains, there aren’t many changes I can make. I opened up the casing and used the tulle casing, which helped. As did putting both curtains on the same window (though I still have another window to dress).

An improvement, but I might just ask Jared to drop the curtain rod a few inches.

Or make another pair of curtains.

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