Too Pretty to Wear

I finished a few really pretty things last week! First I’ll show you the Shakerag Top, by Amy Christoffers. This was a design I had eyed since it came out a few years ago, since before the name of the publication it’s in was changed to “Modern Daily Knitting.” I thought it would be a … More Too Pretty to Wear

Stash Toss 2023

When Rachel started talking about doing an accounting of her stash on the last episode of WnS, a little light went on in my brain. Ping! I was starting to feel that itch. Not of too much stash, actually, but of too many projects. I remember the last time I felt like this, about ten … More Stash Toss 2023

November 2022 Round-Up: Work, Work, Work, and Play

Today’s monthly round-up is brought to you by exhaustion, distraction, overwhelm, phone pictures, and the manifest prognostications of burnout. In other words, I’m going to be complaining today. I have a sermon and an article to write this afternoon, but I find my writing gets a lot better if I can work out my grumpiness … More November 2022 Round-Up: Work, Work, Work, and Play

2021 In Review

It’s that time again! Time to look back over the year that was, and think about the year ahead. This has become an essential part of the Christmas season for me, part of the celebration. It’s the view from the mountaintop: looking back, I see the highlights, and they make me thankful. Looking forward, I … More 2021 In Review