Stall Tactics

Startophoboa has struck again. I’m done Ringle, and my two shawls, and this months spinning samples.

I’ve been playing a little game with myself since Ringle wrapped up: how long can I go without casting on something new? I knit swatches, mended some leggings, played with silk, did some cooking, cleaned up the yard, etc.

Three pairs of jeans with patches pinned and ready. Now where did my shibori thread run off to?!

Will this be the night? Or will I find that mending cotton I’m missing and fix my jeans? Or will I suck it up and darn some socks? Or will I chicken out and cast on a hat instead? Or will I ply up my bombyx silk and call it a night? Or will I finish the border on that 5th placemat? Or will I sew together those book signatures waiting by the stove?

The truth is, I have so many projects on the go that I could stall indefinitely.

Silk! On my beautiful new lace flyer! Will tell you all about both soon.

But I’m getting close to the point where I won’t be able to stand it anymore. I’ve picked my yarn, swatched, and picked a pattern:

Evergreen Mountain from our Interweave Knits Spring 2018.

It’s the fear of commitment, I know. The fear of overwhelm of adding one more project when it’s not like there’s empty time I’m trying to fill. I’m a monogamous knitter, but not a monogamous maker, and sometimes I feel the stretch. I don’t like the stretch.

I know I’ll cast on soon. But maybe not tonight. I could finish one more thing. I’d like to get that silk plied.

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