July Check-in: Whoosh!

That’s the sound of July flying by. It’s hard to believe how much has happened this month. I haven’t had a ton of time to reflect on it, so it’s seemed to go by really fast. I can say that there have been a lot of answered prayers, quality time with people we love, fun together, and really hot weather. Here’s a sampling:

Canada Day: last day before moving.
Annual epic shopping: last time it will happen in Ottawa
Watching our Ottawa friend Mary at her hobby: stained glass.
In Maryland: meeting my sister’s bird, Asriel
And horse (leased), Coco
Meeting new baby cousin
He gets three pictures.
(We did also see his parents but you know how it is.)
Playing tag with Auntie Leah
Lovely visits with Grammy (four generations pictured)
Excellent outings: the National Museum of Natural History (that’s Camarasaurus)
And the Smithsonian Zoo (there were real animals but the animatronic dinos held still)

And in between, lots of ordinary moments.


There wasn’t a ton of crafting time this month, as you might expect, but I did get a start on a new sweater.

I’m making Strodie by Kate Davies, with some stash yarn that was originally meant for shawls. Shawls are not my jam these days, and when this pattern came out I was so stoked to find the perfect yarn in stash. I swatched back in April and cast on at the end of June as the last bags were packed.

The body made fairly effective knitting on the go. The welt rounds are more intense, but I can work around them. With the body only 11” long, even with a wide boxy shape, it was done a week ago.

I’ve separated for the yoke. I blocked the body to check gauge again, and decided I couldn’t decide on the sleeve length. So I’ll knit the yoke, block it again, then see what I think.

The one completed item this month is this hat:

This started as the Knitting Season hat by Kate Davies. I retooled and massaged the snowflake into an Anglican cross, then worked with the colors of Milarrochy Tweed that I had until I had a combination I liked that I felt fit the theme.

I’m pretty happy with the way the cross shape morphs as the crown is shaped.

Kate’s pattern was beautiful, and I’m thankful for her encouragement to explore our own inspiration. I’m proud of my success in making it my own. I’ll wear it with my green amauti when we get to our new home.

One last project that I started a few days ago, just for fun, was this hat out of some old handspun.

It’s a pattern by Holly Yeoh out of an old Noro magazine, cleverly titled “#1 Bobble Hat.” It’s goofy and will make someone’s head look like a giant raspberry. I think it shows off the irregularity and bold character of this yarn that I spun into a standard two ply from an art batt.

This also happened, but it’s too much to explain now:

(Not) Spinning

I brought my CPW out to my in-laws, but I haven’t properly used it yet. I’ve barely spun a yard all month. To everything there is a season, and I’m not about to stress about it. It’s nice just to see the wheel.

I did start flicking this bit of North Country Cheviot for a 51 yarns spin. I’d like to do that before we leave.


This month has been a treasured break from regular life. It’s been good to recharge, visit family, and shift our thoughts into making a new home. It’s hard to believe that in just over two weeks N will be starting first grade. I’m praying for us all to make friends and get involved in our new community. I’m so thankful that we’re provided with this chance to prepare emotionally for the next adventure.

Speaking of adventurous moving, here’s one more thing that happened this month:

My baby is a toddler!

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