Club Mom: February Reveal

What’s the point of a self-imposed goal if you can’t ignore it now and then? I didn’t finish my spinning goal for February, but I decided, ah chuck it, and opened the special February package on the 28th. I had two helpers this time.

They are such little clones!

M was very curious but knew to wait for me to take a picture before I finished opening it, haha!


Yum. This is a beautiful hand painted top from Hobbledehoy, of whom I am already a fan. These reals and browns are exactly my colors. It looks very much speckle-dyed, so it’ll blend up into a wonderfully tonal teal overall.

Thank you Mom!

Only one more month left, and I’ve only spun up one so far! Well, that’s my life. Still, it’s been quite a treat.

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