Club Mom Reveal: November/December

It was almost bath time when I decided, to phooey with it, we’re just going to open the next secret bag from Didi!

I looked again at my pizza sauce covered, stark naked child, and figured we should maybe get clean and dressed first. That accomplished:

I spy a Schroodle! (A cartoon character my mom invented that I grew up with.) and is that a braid?

Oh me, oh my! This is a 50/50 yak/silk braid from Greenwood fibres. In such happy spring colors. What perfect timing, with the weather blowing snow and cloudy all week. I don’t mind the monotone of our winters, but a bit of indoor color suits me just fine.

It seems to alternate between red-purple-yellow sections and green-blue sections. Very floral. I almost want to pull those sections apart and spin them as separate sections.

The presence of this post means that yes, I have finished a spin. It’s the blue one I started back in May. I have a post planned on it, but I haven’t totally figured it out yet. I decided not to let that stop me from a bit of fun.

It’s Christmas week, and as a friend of mine said so succinctly on Facebook, “be kind to your clergy and retail working friends this week.” And we need to remember to be kind to ourselves and our families, too. It’s a challenging time. But we’re going to make it, and celebrate too!

With many thinks to my assistant, who was not permitted to touch the braid, but who really just wanted the bag anyway.

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