A Priest Crafts Episode 7: Car Spinning and Comparison

Hey, I’m back! The Vlog is back from hiatus. We’re down south on vacation, and I couldn’t resist making use of the fast internet.

Jared also got me a new camera body for my DSLR, which is super exciting because it does HD video. However, I have to apologize for the poor audio; the camera’s microphone is really not up to snuff, and it picks up the sound of the lens autofocusing as static. I didn’t realize this until after I’d started editing. I will have to figure out what to do about that before next time. That said, enjoy!

Here are some links to a few things I talked about this time (these folks have not asked me to link to them; I just think they’re awesome if you want to learn more):

  • TurtleMade 3D-printed Turkish spindles can be found at the TurtleMade Etsy Shop.
  • My video is NOT a tutorial on how to spin with a Turkish spindle, but THE Abby Franquemont did an awesome video for Interweave that you can watch for free here: Turkish Spindle Tips with Abby Franquemont. This video got me started.
  • The fibre that was specially dyed and carded for the current Wool n’ Spinning breed and color study is no longer available, BUT you can participate with your own 100% Targhee (not superwash). Katrina has some at her shop, CraftyJAKS Boutique. Follow the discussion and see what other Targhee yarns folks are making in the ravelry thread. The study continues until October.

A few more words on the reflection piece: I hope what I said makes sense, and that you can understand why I shared it. I feel like this issue of judgement and comparing ourselves is really huge, and I’ve only touched on it in the briefest way in this video. I shared it because it’s what’s on my heart; I’m really wrestling with it myself right now – how to make my intentions for kindness and acceptance into a concrete reality in my relationships.

You might just think “well, just do it! Don’t judge people!” And it’s so obvious that it didn’t even occur to me that I was doing anything else. But there are layers to what goes on in the human heart. And sometimes you do things and don’t even realize it. Recently I’ve found out that there are more things getting in the way of me being accepting and kind, and in the way of communicating the kindness I do feel.

And you might just think “Go easier on yourself!” But… well… that’s just never going to work for me. I am trying to work harder to do what I think is right, because it is important to me to do what I do well, and I know I have so far to go. And you know that leadership of any kind requires constant judgment calls. Fact: I need to accept more deeply the unconditional love of God. That’s the only thing that’s going to cut it. To start from a place of grace that allows me to push myself harder without my worthiness of love being under threat.

I share these things because I know I’m not the only one. And talking it out helps me figure it out.

So what’s working for you? Those of you with lifestyles that demand a lot of love and presence – whether you’re taking care of a sick family member, or raising any number of kids, or trying to be a good leader… please don’t mind if I peep over your shoulder. I’m cheering for you, and trying to find my way too.


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