I Be Instagrammin’ 

You guys, I am so sick. It’s that kind of cold that would be no big deal if I could take a day off and get a few full nights of sleep, but that’s just not what life deals you sometimes. Right now I’m waiting for Jared to get back from running an emergency errand (a church without paper towels is greatly hampered in its heavenly mission) so I can huddle in the office and write my sermon. Tag-team ministry has a lot of advantages and works for us, but it has moments of frustration too!

For now, I have these pictures loaded from my phone, so I will try this mobile blogging thing.

I have recently acquired a thing for Instagram. I never got into it before, but it suits me perfectly just now. Facebook is awash with anxiety and frustration about the real world, and while I don’t wish to withdraw from the real world generally, I rather need to in my free time. So I bless and support my friends keeping awareness going on the leather swivel chair that is Facebook, while I retreat to my new online seat, which is more of a giant pink bean bag chair.

The cool thing about Instagram is, the hashtags actually work. On FB, hashtags are just ways to write weird sentences. A pound sign is just shorthand for “file this under the category of” without any expectation that anyone else will file anything else under #thingmytoddlerateoffthefloorthismorning. I’m fine with people expressing themselves that way, I’d personally rather just write a sentence. With, you know, spaces.

On Instagram though, you can actually use hashtags to finds things. Like #handspun. I get inspiration from that every day. And via the hashtags, you find people making beautiful things. In this way I can curate a whole feed of just things that are beautiful and inspiring. I can go there for a little rest. And I’m actually connecting with some of these fiber artists who are out there kicking butt.

Of course, connecting online is at best a substitute for connecting with my real friends who are here, at my latitude, who have a pulse and real problems. I’ve just been so busy that I can only afford these little snatches of digital time. What I don’t want is for this new indulgence to numb me to the fact that I do miss my friends, to keep me from scheduling that girls’ night on my one night off, or that early dinner with friends even if we all have to jet at 6:30.

So I’m being brutally honest about that – not because I want you to worry about me, but to keep myself accountable, in this digital space, for my analog life.

And also as a freakishly long way of saying, if you follow me on Instagram (rebbiejaye) you’ll already be tracking my progress on my mystery punis.

Husband is back from his mission. Punis tomorrow!


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