Sock Yarn Longevity: KPPPM

A daily mini-series in which I give an updated review of some sock yarns I have used, having given the socks some wear. For first post and longer explanation, click here. Pattern link below is to my original review of the yarn when the socks were completed; yarn link goes to Ravelry.

Socks: “Spey Valley” and “Canal du Midi” from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: “KPPPM” by Koigu


Years Worn: 2
Opinion: You might think, after the last few posts, that cheap yarns are the best, and expensive yarns aren’t to be trusted. Let me put that conception to rest with this post. Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino, better known as KPPPM, is everything I had hoped from a high-end yarn, from a small company but well-established in the yarn world. Koigu is a small family-based dyeing company in Ontario, and they specialize in these multicolored sock yarns. They come out with these patterns that are at once entrancing and frankly ridiculous. From working on the store side, I knew that they are hard to stock, so I snapped them up when I found them.

It was a joy to finally work with these yarns. They are 100% merino, with no nylon in sight, but have proven very hardy wearers. The yarn is a soft and sprongy two-ply, and the finish socks are very elastic (though the patterns helped with that), and pilled only minimally. I would definitely use this stuff again. I’m even fantasizing about one of those ridiculous coats people make with them. (I’d have to make it for my mum though.) Two thumbs up!

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