Sock Yarn Longevity: Random Kraemer Base

A daily mini-series in which I give an updated review of some sock yarns I have used, having given the socks some wear. For first post and longer explanation, click here. Pattern link below is to my original review of the yarn when the socks were completed; yarn link goes to Ravelry.

Socks: “New England” from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: “Alison” by Kraemer Yarns


Years Worn: 2
Opinion: So I *think* this is the Alison base from Kraemer. It was dyed by yours truly in a batch of Osborn Fiber Studio yarn, way back in the day, but it was a sample skein, and I didn’t end up using the base to dye for sale. I think I should have, though. I don’t know if you’ll run into this on the street, so to speak, but maybe you’re looking for an affordable fingering base for hand dyeing, or maybe you’ll encounter another hand-dyer who uses it. I want to make note of this base because, it was really unimpressive in the skein. It seemed underspun, with messy plies or something. But looking back at my original post, it was very nice to knit with, and it has worn really well. It was a sample at some shows for a while, but I’ve been wearing these hard for two long winters now, and they still look fantastic. Two thumbs up again!

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