If You’re Wondering Where I’ve Gone

Today: final Xmas grocery & stockings shopping [check]
final pre-Xmas house cleaning [check]
dinner w/ Mr. & Mrs. Bishop
leave babies w/ Mr. & Mrs. Bishop and go see STAR WAAAARS

Tomorrow (Sunday the 20th):
preach sermon
get about one thousand people to agree to help with Xmas services
finish wrapping presents
make bread

Monday 21st:
get interviewed on the radio (maybe)
do a terrifying amount of laundry
phone everyone we failed to talk to on Sunday
make Xmas eve bulletins
resist making a solstice sacrifice to the sun god (this will not do)

Tuesday the 22nd:
take kids to library so they can breathe outside air
smuggle all of the broken crayons and months-old crafts out of the house
Print & fold Xmas eve bulletins
Cook dinner

Wednesday the 23rd:
Do all the things I said I’d do Monday and Tuesday
make schtollen
learn how to spell schtollen

Thursday the 24th:
Services at the jail (or: watch children while Jared does this)
Make pies
7 pm family service
9 pm bilingual carol service

Friday the 25th:
10 am bilingual communion service
Party with friends
Make angel bread

Saturday the 26th:
Christmas morning with kids
Tell Christmas story with finger puppets
Do not take off jammies until noon

First Christmas in the north. First Christmas where we are the only adults. First Christmas as ministers. I’m going to live, and it will probably even be awesome, but I’m not going to discuss it until after I surface.

Here’s a picture of a boring sweater I’m knitting.


Miali Kalismas, and a happy new year!


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