A Destash

EDIT: A few things marked sold are now available again. Because of some snafus in communications with recipients, I’m going to leave things marked as available until payment is received. Thanks for understanding.

Here it is! My beauties that I am ready to let go. That I hope will give someone else more joy than they will give me.

To be perfectly honest, some of these yarns were gifts. So I want to sell them for what they are worth, but it isn’t right for me to keep all the money. So after prayer and consideration, I’ve decided that 50% of the proceeds I will give to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund. ARDF does relief and development projects in some of those most hurting and neglected parts of the world, like Nepal, the DRC, Iraq, and more, through the indigenous Anglican churches on the ground. I graduated with one of their employees, and from everything I can tell, they are the real deal. In fact, you should just stop reading now, forget about yarn, go visit their website, and send them some money.

You came back? That’s nice of you! Anyway, about the yarn…

Here’s the technicals: Shipping is not included in the prices below. I can ship anywhere in the US or Canada. I will ask you to pay for the shipping type of your preference. Just email me about what you want, and we’ll figure out the rest. Whole lots only please. Thanks for looking!

Ultra Alpaca, 4 skeins of color #62168, “Candy Floss Mix,” lot 001. Asking 30$. SOLD

If you are interested, I’ll throw in the below – a failed project made out of 5 skeins of #6278, “Stone Washed Mix,” lot unknown. I can roll it into balls for you before I send it if you need. My plan was to combine both with a grey heather and make a glorious sweater, but alas, I just don’t think I’ll get to it.


So this has a story. It’s about 1.5 lbs of a 3-ply yarn, heavy worsted weight, made entirely from llama. The llama was someone’s pet, and when it died, they had its fleece sent to a mill and made into yarn. I was commissioned to make a scarf from it (read the story here), and as part of my payment, I got the rest of the yarn. I can’t tell you yardage, I’m afraid, but I should think it’s enough for a sweater. It’s the most wonderful chocolate brown. I’m asking $40. SOLD

Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace, color no. 1416, dyelot 3398. 437 yards/50 grams per skein, 4 skeins. I bought this for a design that I’m now 90% sure I’ll never get around to. It’s brand-new, so I‘m asking $32 (20% off retail). SOLD

Supersock SSYC Special Edition “C”. 100% superwash merino fingering weight, 420 yards/4 oz. This came as a gift from an anonymous person who was just trying to cheer me up. If you are still out there, thank you, amazing person! I used all the rest of the box you sent! I hope to pass on the love, so I’m asking $5 for this. SOLD

Dream in Color exclusive skein from Dream Club 2012, “October 2012.” 75% American wool, 25% silk. 100 grams/400 yards, 7-9 st./in. on US 1-3 needles. Gah I can’t believe I’m letting this go. If only you could see the rest of my fingering stash, you might understand. This is exclusive and brand-new, so asking $25 (I paid $32). SOLD

On an amazing trip to NYC, I got to visit the studio of Habu yarns. It’s such an amazing space, with their main area dedicated to sitting, knitting, and learning about some of their uniquely structured yarns. If you actually want to buy their yarn, you go behind a wall to find a wall full of samples of everything they make. You tell them what you want and how much, and they go back and wind a cone of exactly that for you. It’s a totally different yarn experience!

Anyway, while there, I purchased the above: Habu Textiles A-174 1/8.5 Cotton Gima. I don’t really know what that means, but I can tell you it’s 400 yards/42 grams of the pale pink and a total of 130 yards/14 grams of the maroon. It’s technically lace, but I think the gauge is pretty flexible. It’s a sort of cotton tape. I had my eye on a tank top to make with this, but this is no longer enough for one to fit me decently! Asking $20.

This is a yarn that my compadres on this side of the pond probably won’t recognize: It’s Patricia Roberts yarn that I bought in the Patricia Roberts store, from Patricia Roberts herself, in London, England. (Here’s that story, though at present all the pictures in that post seem to be dead.) The blue and purple are 125 yards/25 grams each of fingering weight 100% wool, and the grey is 100 yards/25 grams of 100% angora. They are the perfect kit for some regal fair-isle mittens. I’m asking $20. SOLD

Another traveling yarn, this ball of Vinnis Colours “Serina” in colorway “Rain” came from our layover in Johannesburg, South Africa. Getting to that yarn store was quite the adventure (again, sorry about the pictures). I believe yarn from this company sells under the label “Be Sweet” in the US. This isn’t exactly a gradient, but you can see how it works up in this scarf, made from 2 balls of the same yarn from the same shop in a different color. It’s 242 yards of sport weight, 100% bamboo, 100 grams. Asking 10$. SOLD

These darlings are about 300 yards of my very own handspun, a super-bulky that I describe spinning in this post and plying in this post. 100% wool, really fun stuff. Asking 30$.  SOLD

This is one bit of fiber I do know that I can let go, though I admit it gives me a small pang. Jared got me a pound of shetland top from Jamieson & Smith, shipped directly over from Scotland, and I dyed it myself with pokeberries (though it took a couple tries, as you can read here). The middle two have a little more pink in them, though I couldn’t tell you why. The color has held wonderfully for the last 3 years, and should last another 30, though like all pokeberry-dyed things, you should keep it out of direct sunlight. Asking 35$ for the whole 1 lb.

Thanks for helping me out!

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